Thorny'Anto & Tizona Hand Binding (Lines) by ThornBrier

Thorny'Anto & Tizona Hand Binding (Lines)


29 October 2014 at 02:48:35 MDT

April 2014 Tizona and I became lifemates, I had plans to have a huge hand binding ceremony in RP with our loved ones, me in chakat form and hir in tauric form, but it wasn't working out. So we were going to do a story, that never worked out. So recently, as a little unexpected money came my way I knew exactly where some of it had to go.

This is Thorny'Anto and Tizona's hand binding ceremony picture. I chose to be Anto and have hir in anthro form because I wanted this picture to reflect us as individuals as a whole rather than just us in the Chakat Community, which is where we met, but we are more than that to each other (and shi really loves the coily nagamew, and I love being nagamew).

Oh, and this is the first picture ever of a Shozi'Anto, or a Shozi at all.

Art by CyberCat Lady
Thorny'Anto (c) Me
Tizona (c) Tizona