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Playing tricks with portals. by ThornBrier

Playing tricks with portals.


24 December 2012 at 18:58:55 MST

So, Chakat ThornBrier has been working on some experimental portal tech using a combination of micro-warp bubbles and teleportation technology. Here shi is setting up a prank for a vulpine coworker at hir uncle's Ashworth Power and Research: Warp Field Studies facility. Hir pre-prank test has revealed that shi needs to adjust the Vector Space envelope between the two rings by a few inches as hir elbow is suspended between instances.

Later versions will be miniaturized so shi can wear them seamlessly against hir fur to hide hir extra arms for some privacy in public. Being famous, as AP&R's 'Cover Girl' for their power armor and LimbGraft(R) products lines shi sometimes needs a little anonymity, especially when that fame can backfire on the company from indecent 'Unofficial Public Appearances,' such as those you might have read about taking place at a Hungarian night club during hir Worlds Tour.

Line Art is (c) CyberCat Graphics

Uncolored Original:

Colors and Character is (c) Me

As always, Chakats are the IP of Goldfur on Chakat's Den

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    portals are awesome. ^^

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    Oh the possibilities of fun with portals

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      Possibilities? You know many of their fun features first hand, love.

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        Hehe, I know hun x//3 I know very well, but even then I'm sure there's more fun to be had