Chakat ThornBrier Character Sheet by ThornBrier

Chakat ThornBrier Character Sheet


31 May 2013 at 03:20:28 MDT

Thanks to Bluesky for commissioning Voxian to make the Chakat template and making it available for public use (those lines have been rather heavily edited for four breasts and arms). Thank you to CyberCatLady for drawing the lines for my Playing With Portals pic. And thanks to Skybeakdraco & Pack-Mentality for doing the headshots. As always, Chakats and the Chakat Universe are the IP of Goldfur.

This is my lavender white Chakat with lavender black stripes, the best I was able to make it with my limited artistic talents. I updated with a new version so I don't break my ref links. I colored and included a commission of hir and feel this is probably the vest visual representation of hir (that would be the one with the portal).

Since I use this for artists to reference;

Height: Shi is slightly tall for a Chakat, standing at 5' 11"

Head Shape should be more Cougar like:

Note on Hand-paws and Tail: Since a lot of people forget this, Chakats front paws have thumbs, and their tail is prehensile. Most chakat hands I've seen are not quite as agile as this (\_Hacky-sack.jpg) but they can still grasp quite nicely ( Hir tail, while still prehensile, is less dextrous because it ends in a large white floof.

Nails/Claws: Hir hands all have human like nails, but below them are hidden retractable claws. All of hir paws (including the paw-hands) have the more typical feline retractable claws.

Typically wears a black vest (sometimes clasped, sometimes not):

For work shi adds a tool harness something like:

Forester (Forest) Shi has had an Anatolian Shepard (aka a Kangle) for a guard dog/travel companion who often wears a harness similar to hir own. His name is Forester, but shi often calls him Forest. He died during hir four years on Shuzo. Shi has been contemplating getting a new one.

Implant: Except in armor shi always tries to leave the top of hir join exposed as these are the access points to hir computer implant (armor reaches in to link up) and other than hir circulatory system the vents on the back portion are the only method of cooling. In the back it is right where the body curves up, in front its about where the crotch of a normal anthro would be following hir body down.

FireFall style Power Armor: (I am still assembling the parts for a proper reference to make this, will upload as one image and link to that when done)

Additional info can be found in hir bio:


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    I like hir.

    Obviously very intelligent on top of being sexy.

    How did shi grow about growing the extra arms?

    And how does hir computer implant things work?

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      Whoops, the entry below was supposed to be a reply to you.

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    1) Thank you *blushes*

    2a) The arms were grown in special vats from my own tissues on a carbano-silicate alloy bone mesh. As such, my upper arms lack bone marrow which leads to a reduced white blood cell count in the lower arms. They took about 5 years to grow. The entire structure they grew too was modified from normal arms to include the necessary mounting and blade set up to fuse with the existing rib/spine structures in place rather than a normal shoulder assembly. While shrugging the lower shoulders ends up looking roughly like one would expect the method of achieving that movement is very different than normal shoulders and notably different from those of my daughter Florence NightGale who's arms are natural (transporter accident modified hir DNA during gestation, the arms are not hir only genetic oddity).

    2b) The tech advanced considerably over the years and by the time I added my extra breasts, since no hard structures were required I was able to do small incisions to implant 'seed cells' programmed to grow under the skin to generate the end structure desired. My calculations were thrown off a little by the hormones generated during pregnancy causing the new breasts to be almost a full size larger than originally intended. Following pregnancy they reduced to almost the desired size.

    3a) The first computer was implanted into my spine at the age of 8 to be 'more like mommy' who had regular surgeries for testing out various neurologically controlled robotic legs (her lower body having been blown off in the terrorist bombing that killed her wife). This vastly opened up my childhood from being just me, mom, uncle, and the servants in our Ivory Tower to suddenly having quick and easy access to the collected knowledge of the internet. I learned much from it and started becoming an engineer and hacker. Over the years I upgraded the computer, added interface ports, a cooling system, more efficient batteries, and eventually a small generator. Between my front legs I have an interface plate hidden by a flap of skin with organic elastic fibers to hold shut when not in use. From this plate I have two long prehensile cables (with small lazer cutters) that are strong enough to lift light objects on their own, but the primary purpose is to snake into a computer housing to find a suitable port or cabling to hack in through. The super computer is almost as powerful as those used aboard the smaller Federation star ships, but cranking it up that high requires plugging into an external liquid cooling system or I boil my blood, so I tend to run most of my high end simulations on either my home computer system or my star ships computer system. On rare cases I will plug myself in and run all three networked on a single problem.

    3b) Interface wise the implant taps into my ocular nerves to 'show' me a semi-transparent display across the entire world similar to a holographic HUD. Through a combination of mental commands, physical gestures, voice, and hardware input I command the programs (most of which I wrote or modified specifically for my needs) to do anything from hacking, warp field simulation, tracking my company and ships, to controlling my house, the portal projectors, and common websurfing. Each mental command takes focus and time, so typing mentally is generally not quite as fast as typing. Thus my work desk has a set up with the two common physical keyboards many chakats use as well as 'holo' keyboards I can move around in my retinal display to 'type' in the air with whatever hands are not at the physical keyboards.

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      Wow. That's a really cool backstory. Sounds like a lot of practical abilities.

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      Obviously, I mean the lower arms lack bone marrow, not upper.