Time for a Game of Lynx Ball! by thizorac

Time for a Game of Lynx Ball!


18 August 2015 at 17:06:14 MDT

My piece for a trade with MattValkyrie, his half can be found here!

As with many other characters that meet up with the lion from time to time, seems that Drake found out the hard way about one of Matt's unique talents... taking his opponents and turning them into his own personal beach ball to bounce around. If anything, hopefully it'll teach Drake to be a bit less cocky in sports. XD

...On a related note, does anybody know a good chiropractor?

Matt © mattvalkyrie
Drake & Artwork © thizorac


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    Hehe still love it! Glad you done this for a change,hope you might do more someday? ;D

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    Can you make a comic of this?