Viera Trevelyan by The-Zombie-Cat

Viera Trevelyan


13 September 2020 at 07:07:51 MDT

fleshed out that last design a bit for my new canon Inquisitor
who ofc also has a WoW Au because like I can help myself right? lol

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    Oh she is absolutely gorgeous! I really, really love her outfit and her glove there is amazing! Really gorgeous hun :) more deets please :)

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      aw thank you dear! though that left hand/forearm is a prosthetic, not a glove :) driven by the fact I decided to make her my inquisitor and what all happens there with the mark lol so the prosthetic would be post-trespasser events (or in the WoW-verse it's just part of the design as a whole ^^;)

      oh you know I'm always happy to do some rambling lol she is/was a monster-hunter for hire depending on the 'verse (DA-verse she was a monster hunter/merc for hire before the conclave and becoming the inquisitor, but WoW-verse she remains a merc/monster-hunter as her day to day)
      Da I think is more or less obvious as far as story goes ^^; but WoW-verse she's Gilnean, refined, good with guns and swords (not sure if I make her in-game WoW if I'd have her a hunter or a warrior ^^; maybe even a rogue- outlaw might suit her but I have so many rogues already in WoW XD)

      personality-wise she's kind of stern and refined but she can open up and be a bit more fun and/or goofy with people she likes/is close to :) I -might- make her related to Sativa in some way- distant cousin or something lol