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Ember Study - color by The-Zombie-Cat

Ember Study - color


cleaned it up because I enjoyed it :)

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    Oooh I love the idea, gorgeous and nightmarish :) I love her pinprick eyes there too x Awww she’s got her Dark Regent collar on :D I really love the line through her lip and chin there. Wonder if smoke would come through when she smokes ;) She is absolutely beautiful :)

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      thank you dear :) the idea came to me last night and I resolved myself to at least sketching it out to see how/if it could work- I was fairly pleased with the result :) and oh ofc we had to add in the collar it0 and everything it entails- means the world to her0 that she's managed to at least succeed professionally despite all the odds :)
      oh indeed I imagine if she ever gets too animated or shouts that her lip would split apart there and give a generally eerie feel to her mood souring lol like the way some Demons have flames burst over them or get a more ancient rumbling echo to their voice etc- ember's eyes shift colors and her mouth splits apart XD

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        I’m really glad you’re happy with the result :) it’s lovely in a hellish way ;) Aww the dear of her, I’m so happy for her that her dedication has finally been recognised and rewarded :) You say ‘at least’ professional, does that mean she desperately wants to succeed in other areas of her life? Despite her shying from things?
        Ooooh gawd yeah that sounds creepy and a beautiful addition to her ‘you’re pissing me off’ warnings :)

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          oh indeed lol it's an extra creepy and nightmarish little design tweak and I love it ^^; and oh gods yeah the girly feels like she's on top of the world at the moment :) and very incredibly determined to give he absolute best to the job to prove she was a good choice for it <3
          aw hun well it's complicated ^^; I think at the heart of it, past all her bravado and insistence otherwise, that yeah it'd really mean a lot to her to feel like she mattered to someone on a personal level (aside from her brother and daughter- not that they don't count or she isn't appreciative but.. you know.. it's different when it's family) her life has more or less been a nonstop shit-show of people who don't care, even all the way back to her parents. on the surface Ember's kind of 'accepted' that she'll never be that important to anyone, so she's thrown herself wholly into proving herself 'professionally' as a Demon and has kind of forced herself to accept that that's enough to have her feel 'fulfilled' but I think at the same time there's always going to be a stingy sort of void there despite herself <3 but given that she's so convinced she'll never matter to anyone it makes her -really- shy away when it comes to trying or letting anyone in past those thick mental/emotional walls of hers. She doesn't want to set herself up for another let-down/heartache :/

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            You?! You like creepy and nightmarish things?! why didn’t you tell me?! lol awww I’m so very pleased for her, she deserves to feel up there, her hard work and dedication has paid off xx oh he knows he picked the best person, he knows she’s going to continue to prove that to him over the next years xx
            I can imagine after a long lifetime of being discarded and disregarded, you end up with this incredibly thick skin and you convince yourself that this is everything that can happen to you :/ it’s heartbreaking for her :/ I can hardly blame her for her reluctance to risk it again :/

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              oh gosh I know I'm so sorry I didn't mean to totally catch you off guard there ^^; lol
              oh indeed she's so thrilled :) she already has a few little ideas buzzing around her head on how to be able to do things as efficiently as possible so I can personally vouch that her heart is really in it and she's determined to do her very best :) and aw I'm so glad Gabriel has such confidence in her, it really means a lot :) both to me and to her ^^; glad I haven't failed in writing her as a good demon/good choice for this :)
              oh indeed, sadly it's become the easiest way to her :/ a quote that's always stuck with me in regards to her personality is 'I'm not heartless I just learned to use my heart less' and she really has, she has a LOT of walls built around her to keep herself from getting to emotional or invested as a way to protect herself and then in the end the 'cold and cruel' aura she gives off as a result means no one bothers trying to get close- which I guess means her method is working but at the same time doesn't really help fix her view on things either :/

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                It’s like a whole new facet of you that I never knew before!
                Awww well both Gabriel and I knew that she would be :) oh defo, more confidence in her than in anyone else by a long way. It’d have been a much harder struggle to choose if Ember wasn’t there xx awww no failure in writing anywhere xx

                Erf, poor thing.. indeed she’s caught in rather a vicious circle :/ it’s gonna take some bravery to bust out of it :/ I hope she finds a reason to go for it again xx