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Suit Options/tests


9 July 2020 at 01:30:40 MDT

We really got on a roll with this so decided to finish ^^;

I'm afraid D'naar might be pretty useless at helping decide lol all she's been doing the whole time is excited-squealing that he's gonna be her husband and omg how lucky is she!!?? <3

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    Argh! My gods hun I’ve been coming back to grin at this all morning, but I’ve only just gotten chance to sit down and write! Wow he looks fantastic in all three, he looks immaculate! I’m afraid I doubt I’m going to be much help because I keep gawping :) and Gabriel can’t really believe the difference a change of clothes and hair can make!

    I love elements in all of them :) the one I’m most drawn to, as a ‘base’ has to be the one in the centre. I love the shape of the tailed jacket and the delicate feathering over his lapels. I also really love that little trickle of hair over his left ear being swept back like that, what with the necessity of the right side of his fringe, having the rest swept back still gives him a sense of polish, that he’s still more dressed up than usual :) I’m afraid I’ll always be a sucker for gaiters/spatterdashes (Lol I just learned that’s what spats is short for, I love it ;) ) Also, it’s a change for Gabriel to be out of his more casual boots and it really suits him :) the use of gold and white is perfect (as it is in all of them, perfect amount in each whilst still leaving the black as most prominent) and I like the roses on his cuffs there too :)

    Moving to the elements I enjoy in the others, I ADORE the vintage style cravat on the suit on the right, along with the white shirt-cuffs poking out of the jacket cuffs :) I really like the ‘bandmaster’ shaped jacket but I think the shaping on the centre one just wins it for me :) I never know how to spell it but I do like him in a cummerbund, though I know that’s not an element that would fit in so well with the shape of the second jacket. Maybe if the right hand jacket had the tails of the centre it would slot together more.. I dunno I am NO outfit designer!
    I love the shape of the shirt on the left’s collar and rose combination ;) that looks really smart :) The shape of his overall jacket is much closer to what he’s used to, but he loves the look of the others enough that he wouldn’t be immovable on the shape. Though I love that the hem and feather trim at the bottom of his coat there complements D’naar’s own.

    I really do love them all hun and I know that’s absolutely no help to you/Estra, but I hope my few notes above can start us working towards what we all reckon is the best one :)

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      aw no worries hun I slept most of my day away and then had to dash out to do laundry (our washing machine broke a while back so it's trips to the mat for me now :/) so I haven't had a chance for anything until recently myself ^^; I'm so glad you both enjoy the designs on offer they were really fun to work with :)

      oh indeed I think as far as overall design goes I enjoy the center one as well :) I feel it looks the most prim and proper out of the three :) D'naar is still very little help but she's at least a -smidge- more coherent now lol though she insists I make it known how absolutely excited she is and that she finds Gabriel to be the most incredibly handsome and desirable being in the entire tri-Realms and that she feels like the absolute luckiest woman to ever exist <3 :) She does also really enjoy the way his hair is in the center one. She can entirely understand him not wanting to be reminded or have attention drawn to the one half of his face but she still -really- loves his face so she's thilled to see as much of it as he'd be comfy to show (but she says ofc his comfort comes first and foremost <3 ) but she also enjoys the trim of that center one as well- she adores them all and is convinced he'd look absolutely amazing in anything (and out of everything as well ;) ) though the center one she feels looks very 'formal and dapper' in her words :) she enjoys the way the left side one is colored though, with the strim bits of gold rather than the entire upper collar on the center one- only because it adds a touch more definition tot he design itself :) She also wants to say she really loves the golden soles on the center one's shoes (she's taking it as a nod to herself given ehr hooves are always rimmed with gold at the bottom and it's given her an adoring little flutter to see him 'match' that ^^; She says if they go with the center one perhaps the golden embelleshment on his tie could be replaced with a little golden rose instead to tie that in a touch mroe to that design, unless ofc he prefers the cravat because she does enjoy the gold-rimmed black gem there :) she also enjoys the white cravat on black undershirt he has going on there but I feel that may only work if the lapels are gold as they are there, so the design doesn't feel too overpoweringly black and design elements get lost ^^; and oh indeed it was always in Estra's head that D'naar would be predominantly white (not only because white is the general wedding dress staple) and Gabriel would be predominantly black :) She's glad they enjoy that nod to their own personal styles- she really tried to focus on designs for each of them that worked alongside their own personal tastes :)

      oh yes the cravat is lovely on him both D'naar and I 100% agree :) it suits the slightly 'vintage gothic' look and just simply suits him, we think :) though combining that with the center jacket it might make his chest overpoweringly feathery unless I took the feathers off either the cravat or the lapels ^^; I think taking them off the cravat would smooth it out best, personally. and oh indeed I enjoys the more frilly and obvious shirt cuffs on the right one as well, I think it works well with the cravat for the 'vintage goth' look :) and oh indeed initially Estra did have a gold cummerbund on the center one (you can see the lines there) but it looked strange with the bottom trim/design of the jacket so she shifted it to black in the end ^^; Estra thinks we can shift it around with the other potential edits to make the trim of the right one and the color design and tails of the center one work well together :) especially if we're taking the cravat as well because she feels that works best with a more open jacket style :)

      oh noting his familiarity/comfort with the left jacket has Estra thinking of a way to incorporate that as well, using the trim colors from that with the 'cut' of the center outfit with the tails and all but shifting the denter part ot eh center jacket to be more like a longer version of the third with the cummerbund over top of it perhaps? She says she'll give it a test and see if she can make it all work together while keeping most of the elements he and D'naar seem to enjoy :)

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        Awww hun that sounds like me today, I’ve been asleep just as much as awake! Hopefully I’m more with it now.. ugh, that stinks about the knackered washer :/ next commission drive you reckon? Oh they are absolutely incredible :) <3

        Awww brilliant I’m so glad we like the same one :) they are all beautiful but like you say that one just has the edge for me xx Lol the dear of her, awww she’s so adorable :) he cant for an instant understand why she feels lucky to be with him, but he certainly isn’t going to draw attention to it and risk making her wonder too. He will forever argue that he is the lucky one given his past actions and the fact she still loves him. She is his world, always has been, always will be xx I think that might be why I enjoyed the centre hair as well, because it’s unusual, different, whilst still comfortable enough for him to wear xx he also says, if D’naar/Estra is interested, he’s comfortable wearing a high tail if they think that’d look better xx lol she’s drawn another clearing of his throat from him with that saucy bit in brackets ;) (let’s D’naar imagine Gabriel half dressed in one of these, his hair loose and tousled, shirt open, tops of his trousers open and just staring at her ;) ) Aww yes I enjoy the golden trim around the collar/lapels there too and Gabriel’s happy in either or a mixture of both :) he says Estra has done a masterful job xx Oh agreed, the golden soles are absolutely gorgeous and the fact D’naar sees them as a connection between he and her, it’s cemented Gabriel’s need to have them in the design :) I think the cravat would be another comfortable but noticeable change for him, perhaps with a black framed golden rose pin? Oooh yes that’s a good point about a touch too much black, don’t want you and Estra going through all that effort for the detail to be lost ^^;
        Aww well as Gabriel said both he and I think she/you have done an absolutely incredible job with them all and he truly appreciates her attention to detail xx

        I agree that trimming the feathers from the cravat would look neatest xx Awww yes I see the line there, wow you’ve both put some huge amount of thought into the combinations as well, this is so brilliant. If Estra is content that it looks good, Gabriel and I have absolutely no doubts at all :) awww thank you so much guys, it’ll be amazing to see all the elements of the three combined :) thank you again for this, it means a massive amount and it is amazing to see xx

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          aww well I'm glad you got some good sleep in! I haven't even been able to turn in yet, my day has been so busy ^^; erf, unfortunately, my commission work all has to go towards bills and groceries so idk if I can do a splurge-spend again anytime too soon. A few months back I replaced my computer and got a new monitor and then we got an air conditioner because it was so hot, and my treadmill so I can try to exercise more.. we've been spending more than we should lately so there needs to be a limit on. the laundry mat is just down the road though so it's not -too- much of a bother, I usually drop them off and start a load if/when I'm going out for groceries so I don't have to sit at the mat and wait on them, just pick them up on my way home and throw them into our dryer here lol
          She says while she'd like him to understand it so he can see his own worth, his understanding isn't a necessary factor for her to feel that way so it's fine lol She'll do all the understanding for the both of them ;) (which just reminded me of another song that spoke to me for them odd as the technical subject may have been XD I've been elbow deep in song feels lately ^^;
          Estra says she can certainly try a high tail and see how it looks if that was something he was wanting or wondering about :) She figures we'll do another design adding elements together that were mentioned and then we'll send it in a link before uploading it as the final design so there's still room for some tweaks if need be :)
          Mmm gorgeous image indeed, and I think D'naar's run off on her own very filthy thoughts about it because she's gone all silent and blushing and chewing her lip over here ;)
          aw I'm glad he enjoys the connection she made there with the soles and that he's content to have it added in :) She's wearing his feathers and he's wearing her hooves XD the dears are so hopelessly lost in it aren't they? :3

          aw thank you dear I'm so glad you're both pleased with the options :D I enjoy the alterations/design idea we have going and hopefully after some sleep and commission work I can indulge the happy wedding feels again with drawing it up :D it's been such a wonderful booster for my mood thinking about them and working on the designs so honestly the pleasure is all mine :)

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    ouuhhh the first one looks amazing! o^o