Ezmi by The-Zombie-Cat



30 June 2020 at 16:49:49 MDT

a doodle of Ezmi that I've been wanting to get a chance to draw for a few hours now ^^; might try to do a full body/some outfits just 'cause, as well

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    Awww she’s utterly gorgeous :) I knew she would be :) I love her asymmetric horns :) she’s got such an innocent face :) love her sparkly freckles too :)

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      aw thank you dear! and oh indeed I loved the asymmetric horn option upcoming in-game and knew I had to slap them onto someone somewhere lol the sparkly freckles were a last minute decision lol as was haircolor ^^; I just knocked the color change slider around a bunch until I could find something that looked ok with the rest of the colors ^^; was difficult because anything could have -technically- fit but at the same time I wasn't really vibing with any of it ^^;

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        Oooh I have not been keeping up to date on the upcoming customisations but that sounds wonderful :) Awww well they were a lovely addition :) I’m sorry the hair was being a bit of a bugger to get the right hue of, but the shape is fantastic xx

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          ahgahds the customization options are about to get -so good-!!! I'm excited for a lot of them :D Zee especially is gonna look a lot more like herself in-game now and there are a few customization options that are even making me tempted to make gnomes and dwarves which I've never been tempted to before XD lots of pretty things coming :)
          aw thank you dear :D the bangs were the main part I wanted to get in with hair lol the rest I just imagined wavy/curly but also that she'd tie it back at least 50% of the time, which I have yet to doodle ^^;

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            I’m excited to see them :) I take it body shapes are still going to be uniform etc? You can’t get the skinny Kul Tirans for example? Oh that’ll be so weird to have nearly your Design animated and running about in game :) lol I have a lot of characters who’re going to have trips to the barbers I see :) and crikey yes something special will have to turn up to make me want a gnome :)
            Ok the bangs are the fringe, yeah? The bit over her forehead? If so, I love the slightly heart shaped look to it :)

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              I think overall body shapes are the same yeah :/ I would love to see them implement some new things there but they've also done a lot more than I thought they would so far so I can't complain too much ^^; I think posture differences for hunched-over characters are a thing and then Draenei (women anyway I think idk about men) you'll be able to choose tail length so they're getting some different options for things in at least :) and oh indeed all my in-game characters are likely headed to the barbershop first thing lol and OH!! you get to choose your druid animal forms at the barbershop now too! you wont have to transmog the legion weapons to get those appearances you can just use the ones you unlocked there at the barbershop instead which is lovely imo :D
              oops yeah sorry lol bangs=fringe. idk where we got the word 'bangs' over here (maybe because they bounce and 'bang' your forehead? lol) but yeah that's what I meant lol