Estra'guura by The-Zombie-Cat



18 May 2019 at 20:18:27 MDT

this took me all friggin day but totally worth it

if you look real close you can see the tiny normal-size human for size reference lol

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    Epic :D

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    This is unbelievably good! The design...! I have no idea how you came up withsuch a brilliant idea executed perfectly! The way her arms lean on her lower body is perfection! I think you definitely got the 'this is the end of the world' feel with her. Beautiful!

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      aw thank you so much hun!! I had so much fun designing this monstrosity lol her arms were a struggle at first to place but I'm glad the ones leaning down worked so well, and also glad I got across the 'end of the world' feel with her :D I also really wanted these two specifically to 'break the norm' in that they're interacting with their teeny little human size comparisons lol I wanted Estra here to come across as curios rather than threatening but it might have gotten lost in translation given how damn terrifying she looks otherwise XD
      Meanwhile D'naar's got her little human held up 'by the scruff of their neck'(using his cloak to hold him os she doesn't have to touch him lol) in a hand she's not even looking at which I think encapsulates her feeling towards mortals well

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        I thought it looked like she had her tendrils curled around little Mr Comparison there, and I thinkit does look like curiosity, though that might be because I have a general feel of Estra's character. I love the idea of D'naar thre too and am looking forward to you getting the chance to finish her up too xx

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          oh indeed he got a bit lost in the details/colors and in her sheer size compared to him lol but he's there XD and aw thank you hun!! I mainly tried to portay it with the way she's leaning and pointing rather than griping him, and her other hand raised closer to her chest there I hoped it conveyed 'non-threatening' well enough XD honestly Estra is very anti-violence, herself. She doesn't lecture others about their violent tendencies but she sees no point/has no desire to kill anyone, herself (at least not yet lol) that's one of the main reasons she ended up married to Sal in her 'guise. As a famous actress and model she was getting a lot of unwanted attention but she wanted so badly for the public to still love her that she didn't want to get into any conflict or hurt anyone. But Sal has a big and dangerous enough reputation that being married to him kind of keeps people at bay as far as approaching her with anything too unsavory lol plus keeping an internal eye on the Draconic mafia is none too shabby either XD
          oh indeed! I really want to finish D'naar so I can have them both. I did manage to get a bit of gold colored into her last night but then had to break away to bathe my kiddos and do commission work lol