The Tempest by The-Zombie-Cat

The Tempest


12 March 2019 at 14:29:20 MDT

self-indulgent early birthday present to myself because how could i resist drawing these two interacting again <3

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    Wow, this is absolutely sublime! They look completely wonderful! I love how you did Zee's eyes, and I know it's an odd thing to focus on, but I love how 3D 'Zane's nose is <3 I love the rowdy background too, are they anyone we know or random Azerothians? The addition of those freckles to Zee's design is wonderful! She looks amazing! Absolutely stunning!
    Thank you, this is amazing I love the painted style

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      aw thank you dear :) I've been trying to teach myself 'painting' and it's mostly trial and error until I learn more about it XD
      as for the folks in the background, nah i didn't have anyone specific in mind lol Was just trying to make hairstyles/ears/horns/decayed bits to give it a more azerothian feel XD and to give silhouettes more personality ofc :) I do have a few more characters itching to get drawn though so if all goes well we might see some of them in the future around commission work :D
      aw thank you dear, the freckles ended up suiting her better than I thought they would but I was very pleased lol
      aw thank you again hun :) it's a bit nerve-wracking to figure out the painting thing but also oddly therapeutic not to have to mess so much with lines XD

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        Looks like you've done amazing to me <3
        They look great, it's a wonderful attention to detail :) oh awesome it'll be lovely to see that itch scratched.
        Yeah they do suit her very well, she looks lovely xx
        I can imagine it's comparatively restful after the stress and chaos of your sketch lines

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    I still keep coming back to look at this because it's so amazing. Happy to see these two again <3

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      aw thank you hun, I'm pretty pleased with it even if it did take me like 3 days to accomplish XD