The Canine Family by TheWonderbot

The Canine Family


4 February 2016 at 12:44:27 MST

Please do not copy or trace thank you! You're allowed to use it for educational purposes but no else!

For the past years I've been wanting to do something like this, mainly for the practice and that I love knowing the clear difference between breeds, in amount of fur, headshape and body shape, size and personality, being it wild or domesticated.
Also this is no way a size chart, just a compilation of many different dogs.

To let you guys know also, yes I used a lot of references and such on these. 1 - Because I don't know every breed all crystal clear, 2 - Coat colours aren't exactly the easiest to remember and 3 - I want to get the facts as close to right as possible.

Can you guys guess all the breeds? :P Try and see how it goes! if you're really not sure I'll give you some help.

PS.I know there was so many dogs I missed while doing this, I'm planning on doing a canines part 2 later on after every other compilation I'll be doing.

This took about a Month overall in Krita.

Hope you all enjoy this practice piece! :)

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