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Hi there! I’m The Verdant Hare; also known as Fluffybunny.

Hi! I'm an U.K based Artist specialising in the natural world and worldbuilding. Through art, I seek to delve into the fantastical dreams that nature can inspire, on this world or another. Here you will find artwork of the Animal Kingdom, and more fanciful themes such as aliens, mythical creatures and other such worlds and beings that can be imagined.

I have a long history in both in the Digital and Traditional artwork and come from a line of artists; my father would sit in the local woods with pencil and paper and sketch the birds he saw. My Grandmother held exhibitions and sold artwork at many local galleries. Throughout the years I accompanied her to these galleries and exhibited alongside her, often selling small bits of childhood artwork to the general public.

In 2005 I received a Merit in Art and Design at West Thames College, and in 2010 I received the user voted award, February 'Artist Of The Month' out of (at the time) 8808 artists at The Lion King FanArt Archive.

I'm currently aspiring to become a full-time freelance artist, to help feed the very hungry fluffybunnies that live in my home.

I'm not really a furry, but I do love anthro animals and drawing cute things!

Thank you for all the love and support! Every Favourite, Watch and Comment means a lot! I try to reply to every single one so please don't think that because I don't reply right away I haven't seen it!


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    I hope you have a good time here! You have such lovely, well-rendered artwork!

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    You have great arts! Thank you too :3