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Dragon Hunters by co owner of TVL

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Dragon Hunters
Journal Entry 1.1:
Hello. The name is Ravyn Jefferson Priwer. I am here to tell you about my life. My life is what some might call “normal”, but to me it wasn’t normal. Then again nothing is normal when your hometown is being attacked by an army that no one knows about. My family died when I was very young. My grandfather use to be one of the greatest Freedom Chapter fighters or the F.C. has some people call it. He would tell me all of his adventures and how he was able to take down a ship of pirates with his bare hands. Every day I always pretended to be one of the best F.C. fighters that anyone knew. I would pretend to attack a ship with nothing but a wooden sword and my favorite stuffed animal to help me. I ask my grandfather if I would be able to become a great F.C. fighter like him. He never said anything but every time I asked him he always looked at me and smiled. My mother told me that it would never happen because the F.C. wasn’t taking recruits anymore because there was no war to fight. I asked her a strange question that made my mother start to cry and that was where my father was. I still haven’t the answer to that question. I even asked my grandfather but all he said was “No one knows where he is but some day someone will find him.” From that day I wanted to be a F.C. fighter and find my dad. That’s when it all started.
The house was hit by a giant blast from the cannon of a war machine. My grandfather was stuck by the blast and wasn’t able to walk so my mother ran to his side and helped him get up. She told me to get out of the house and run as far as I could and not to turn back no matter what I heard. I ran as fast as I could but when I was at least five houses away from my own I heard loud screaming behind me followed by blasts from an energy weapon. Like the ones I would see on TV all the time. I turned around and saw the men in black come from my house and then I was grabbed and blinded from behind. Next thing I notice I was at a door of a house that was old and worn out. I was standing under a light that was attached to the house. The door opened and a man grabbed me and I was brought inside. That is when and how my story began.
Over the radio chatter that was in my ear. I could hear the train’s horn.
“Alright Ravyn”, Dalix said over my radio, “we need you to sneak aboard the train to figure out what it’s carrying.”
“So you want me to go sneaking around just for the fun of it or is there a purpose?” I would always try to make a joke when I am on a mission.
“This to see if Demius’ army is moving around or if it’s just supplies.”
“I feel like this is a complete waste of time and not to mention resources. Why can’t we just attack the train and see what is on it instead?”
“Your job is recon Ravyn. If you hate, it you can always go to our janitorial services.”
“Why doesn’t the F.C. just fight instead of this sneaking around crap?”
“You know about the treaty that they signed!”
“Yeah, yeah. I know all about it. I was told to read it five times from Raylik”
“Well maybe you should learn to follow what it says, and then you won’t have to hear him complain.”
“Oh.” I said whining. “But isn’t that where the fun is?”
“Just go catch your train and call me when you’re done.”
“I was having a nice chat with you too. Maybe next time we can talk about what your favorite pass time is. Alright, this is Ravyn out!”
I looked at the moon and stared at it for awhile “Well grandpa this is for you” I said to myself. I jumped off the cliff when the train rushed right by. I pulled out my pistol and fired a grabbling hook at the train. The hook latched onto the top of the train cart and I started pulling myself forward landing right on the roof of a train cart.

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