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[ENDED] Duskughan Adoptable Batch 1 by TheUmbraArtist

[ENDED] Duskughan Adoptable Batch 1


If you can please respond to the original post on FurAffinity at this link:

Going to give this a go as I have some things that need paying and wouldnt mind the money at the moment :/
So this is a species I had an idea for, for a while, but hadnt worked on properly yet, but now I have made it a legitimate thing and Im actually quite happy with it. Dont worry though, I am still working on commissions!


These creatures are derived by coloured flames that hover above their heads, horns, a scaled underside, being quadrapedal, and having a unique tail tip. Each follow the theme of their colour, have a biography of what the species is like, and other interesting facts about them.


  • 1hr Snipe guard: This means that during the last hour of the bidding, if someone is to bid within the last hour, and hour will be added to the closing auction time from the last bidder and so forth until bids stop.
  • No being rude to each other please
  • Not allowed to resell
  • SMALL modifications only can be requested from the winner such as markings and eye colour.
  • Payment must be through Paypal, US, and be paid within 3 days of winning the auction.

BOTH the Rubius and Koncylium Duskughan are being sold separately, and the conditions for bidding below apply to BOTH.

SB: $40
MI: $3
AB: $300 - will earn additional chibi (One can always dream ^^; )

Bidding ENDS: 22/May/2015 at 10pm AEST

Winners will receive:

  • a non watermarked version of the sheets above with additional colour palette, eye detail.
  • a separate image of the bust shot (as seen on the right of the above info sheet)
  • a separate image of the full body (as seen on the left of the above info sheet)
  • AB will gain the addition of a full coloured chibi

You can then make your Duskughan what ever gender, personality and the like that you want, use in rp, repost (with credit), as you please :)

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


  • Link

    Reply here for Rubius Duskughan

    Drycos on FA has SB

  • Link

    Reply here for Koncylium Duskughan

    Freeyawolf on FA has SB