Commissions are OPEN by TheTundraGhost

Commissions are OPEN


25 August 2018 at 13:52:54 MDT

Commissions are OPEN

There are three slots available for now:

  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY

More examples:
Traditional sketch:

Traditional fully rendered black and white piece:

Detailed cel-shaded digital piece:

If you are interested send me a note/private message or contact me through the e-mail address seen on the image above.
In the note/e-mail include:

  • reference images of your character or multiple characters
  • a description of the scene you have in mind - if you don't have a specific idea feel free to list a few things I should know about your character (personality traits, habitat, hobbies etc.) to makes sure I don't depict them off-personality
  • your PayPal e-mail address

Additional information:

  • Payment via PayPal invoice
  • WIP sharing is available for all commission types - I'll send you a WIP of each major steps
  • If huge changes are necessary, I'd prefer if you let me know about it in the sketching phase, but I can make smallerchanges later as well.

I'll draw/I'm good at:

  • anthro/furry, were, feral characters and anything in between
  • all kinds of creatures, monsters, aliens and animals
  • medieval/dark fantasy characters and settings
  • robots, cyborgs, sci-fi characters and settings
  • mythological themes, characters and creatures
  • MMO characters (WoW, TESO, GW2 etc.)
  • natural and harmonious colours/markings (this does not exclude neon colours if the design is cohesive)

I'll draw/I'm okay at:

  • humans, human-like beings (elves, dwarves etc.)
  • modern/urban settings
  • nudity, sexual content
  • mild fetishes (please ask first)

I won't draw:

  • unusual/extreme fetishes
  • political/religious/hate propaganda

If you have any questions or something isn't clear, feel free leave a comment below or contact me privately.

Submission Information

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