The Necromancer's Path by TheTundraGhost (critique requested)

The Necromancer's Path (critique requested)


21 July 2018 at 05:13:35 MDT

A ballpoint pen work from my sketchbook started a year ago. Since then I worked on this on and off next to college and managed to finish it recently. The gradient colors in the background were added digitally.

I think what I originally wanted to draw was a worgen warlock, but later I did not pay much attention to this idea and just continued drawing him as a random necromancer werewolf.

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    The cross-hatching in this is absolutely superb, and I have NO idea how you managed to do it with a ballpoint pen of all things.

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    Very nice! O_O

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    It says critique requested I'm honestly stumped I don't know how!
    Great job anyways I could never pull of something like that.

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    This is quite impressive that you said you did this with a ballpoint pen. I would have never knew cause it looks like a actual pencil drawing. The shading and anatomy is superb, and the pose looks great.

    This is a job well done, and the fact you did this with a pen shows how much patience as well as attention to detail you have in working with this. Keep up the great work.