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Come with us into a universe where super beings, age regression, and the antics that ensue reign supreme!
We offer different but connected prose stories that are told in a delightful style that both pays great homage to and parodies the great comic book universes we all know and love. We hope that the universe we create here can someday equal the real thing, becoming diverse and expansive in both scope and lore.

**This account is merely branching off of the project's already-existing presence on FurAffinity and predominantly deviantART, so you will have to look there for the ACTUAL, ORIGINAL posting dates.
Things may also be posted out of their original order here. We want to get the important stuff here first! But don't worry, we won't post story chapters out of order. That would just be crazy!

BC Comics is currently:

  • G. Scheaffer - Co-Creator, Lead Writer, Editor, Profile Manager
  • C. Carey - Co-Creator, Writer
  • C. DuBois - Writer, Collaborator, Comic Consultant
  • L. Rasmussen - Commissioned Concept Artist

Our stories also feature characters created by others in some cases.

S.U.P.E.R. stands for:
S uperheroes
U nder
P rotection while
E xperiencing
R egression

As time goes on, we will diverge from the main storyline of the superhero team and release their own spin-off stories, before and after the main plot chronologically. We attempt to emulate comic book issues with these different stories and chapters, and you can be sure there will be lots of poking fun at classic superhero characters!

As our super protagonists are regressed to babies in the main story (and elsewhere from time to time), there will be a lot of Baby Fur content and diaper usage.
But if you're not into that stuff, we encourage that you keep reading for the story and the parodies of canon superhero comics and characters! There will also be stories that do not feature this content at all.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to comment or PM us here.
You can also email us at

We will also happily take part in non-sexual roleplays from this account. Just note, however, that:
-- We (being this user) will only roleplay as characters from the various stories posted here. You are free to be whatever character or sona you prefer though, even one of ours if you wish!
-- The events of the roleplays will likely not be canon, as we try not to spoil things before the chapters come out. If the events of the RP and the events of the actual story overlap in any way, please know that we didn't steal your idea. We've had our entire stories planned out for a while now!

If you have a character or two that you think could work well in our universe, we are also open to crossovers and/or character registrations! The process may be easier when more stories get started, but feel free to contact us for more information!
**[Brief cameos are open to the general public, whereas registering a constant character is normally restricted to Patreon supporters. Please keep this in mind.]

We aim to create a world as deep and entertaining as those found in actual comic books, and we hope that you begin to love our characters as much as you love theirs!
Thank you for reading!

If you enjoy our work, please come support us on Patreon! Your patronage will let you see some content before DeviantArt users and will also allow us to make more!



Latest Journal

SUPERverse 2-Year Anniversary!

The SUPERverse and the "S.U.P.E.R." story began 2 years ago today: January 15th, 2015!
That means we're now 2 years old, roughly the same age some of our heroes currently are, hehe. ^#^;;

In that time, here's a list of what we've accomplished (deviantART account stats):

  • 25 prose story chapters spread out across 4 stories, 0 of which have been completed
  • 2 comprehensive comic cover images
  • 16 database entries (with a couple more coming real soon!)
  • 8 pieces of concept art in Scraps
  • 51 total planned story arcs
  • 41 SUPERverse fans, a.k.a. deviantART watchers
  • nearly 20,000 page views

And of course there's all the stats shown above!
Thanks for all your support!
Here's to more successful years to come!

We're also sorry for the delay in posting things to this account and hope to rectify that in the near future!

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