My silly attempts by TheStrangeThing

My silly attempts


16 February 2014 at 09:39:20 MST

From time to time I need to fix anatomical features of my anthro OCs just to think they're real. ;P
In this case I have a few characters all belonging to the same taxonomic group, thus I've decided to draw their skulls how they should be IRL (just to clarify, when I do these kind of things, I mainly put the focus on skulls/heads).
I liked to imagine these guys as descendants of therocephalian therapsids, then I used a bit of imagination and added some believable features that they could have had (i.e. fur, keratinic horns, crests, developed external ears and whatnot).
I provided them of differentiated teeth and a several-bones lower jaw; I'm not able to organize a credibly internal ear structure though I like to think they could have one or two ossicles and a quite-developed cochlea.

This group includes rat/squirrel-sized and approximately human-sized species; in some genera individuals have long neck and a large build so they can easily reach a height up to 2.80-3.00 metres and considerable weight.
They are bipedal, but a couple of species can walk and run using all the four limbs; one species (a small one) has prehensile tail; some species have flat nails, others have claws; there is variability with fingers number on hands and feets (4 or 5), some of them have even a completely or partially opposable big toe.

I worked on their evolutionary relationships putting down on paper a phylogenetic tree, and I'm quite satisfied of it; I'm still trying to give a properly name to each species, including a scientific name. :P

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    Poi voglio vedere l'albero evolutivo completo, mi raccomando! :U

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      Ce l'ho, ma è scarabocchiato su carta! :P

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    I was wondering why the mandibula has more bones than just dental bone because this was clearly based on a mammal skull when I read "therocephalian therapsids" and it kind of made more sense.

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      covers her back X3

      Surely I've done several inaccuracies (I'm not a biologist/anatomist or anyone related) because I've made them basing on my ideas and picking infos and references from the internet.

      Anthros are sooo complicated... DX


      Thanks for your comment, I admire a lot your painting skill. =)