Cas has a new rank LOL by TheSmileGiver

Cas has a new rank LOL


16 August 2014 at 21:43:24 MDT

So...yeah. While in bonfire a few days back, I decided to try and rp with a King Mufasa. It actually went pretty well. I wasn't chased off or viewed as a scary thing, to him at least.
Hell....He even appointed me lead guard of the cubs. That's a first. NO IDEA why he did so though :I.
So I went along with it, and a few cubs even went under my protection. Till of course they grew bored and got offline or went on other characters.
So today I was on again, and that Mufasa was back on. Same one cuz I asked. Apparently I'm still the appointed guard over the cubs in his pride.
Seems Cas has a new hidden rank outside the cackle. She somehow is now Lead Cub Guard for Mufasa.
Is this what its like for Cas to work for he Mafia!? IF she turns it down, the lions will turn on her and attack/kill her!? God Cas, what have you gotten yourself into!?

So I see this as the Lion Mafia Trap. While its fun to join in the role play, if I try to step out, all hell will break loose.
Send. Help.


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