Dryodrum: Leviathan of the Caribbean by TheShaggyDragon

Dryodrum: Leviathan of the Caribbean


4 May 2019 at 12:37:59 MDT

Howdy folks! I'll be gone on tour with SOU Percussion at Stanford University this week, huge oppurtunity so i wanted to upload a bit earlier and its been a while since I've drawn a Bal
So here is one such Bal! This one is actually based off of a solo work for kalimba, timpano and crotales I wrote, "Call of the Reef God"

Dryodrum (Dree-Yo-Droom)

This is the Bal of the Caribbean Sea, during the events of the Pulse, like all the Balār Dryodrum had simply been ripped from the Ȓaddir and sent into the mortal folds of Earth. With nothing left, he took solace in the sun (for reasons stated in a moment) and the silence and peace at the bottom of the sea.

He doesn’t like his peaceful afternoons to be disrupted, and they are quite easy to disrupt which is a bit of a bummer

Ships that are a little bit too large or make too much noise tend to annoy him more than anything else, When this happens he tends to inform them that they should kindly Get out of my sight now please and if he senses that any member of that crew is dilly dallying and not contributing to getting out of his way he will sink the boat. Usually summoning a massive magical storm, and if the ship survives that then he will simply rip the ship out himself. He doesn’t usually actively or directly kill crew members and will let them sail off in escape boats or scraps of wood.

The dragons of the Caribbean tend to sail in small rafts because of Dryodrum, only with crews of up to 4 and never motorized vessels. That is the generally agreed on size that is safe. Not even airplanes or airships are safe. During the Post Pulse the West African Union would try many times to get into the Caribbean sea only to lose billions of dollars due to Dryodrum getting upset and sinking their high tech battleships and aircraft carriers. Bummer.

The only thing that really upset Dryodrum and not get destroyed was the Bal known as Sila, the Sky Serpent who holds up the Sky Islands. One day she flew over the Caribbean and, blocking the sun pissed off Dryodrum who tried to fight Sila. Sila won that fight and sent a wounded Dryodrum back into the sea, Dryodrum had to talk 294 years to recover from that beating.

However Dryodrum is down to have a nice quiet chat if you can make it to the bottom of the Caribbean sea, and those who have made it down there have been able to talk to him. He is best described as a tired bal who believes that:

“The Sun is a postmark of one of the 17 Crotales, and thus leads through to the Steironimar”

Noone really knows what that means and that is a whole plate of worms that requires it’s own ramble, but he has an interest in suns and crotales.

So yeah, Dryodrum!

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