Discord Doodle Dumps by TheShaggyDragon

Discord Doodle Dumps


28 April 2019 at 23:45:24 MDT

Hey folks! Here are all the doodles this week requested from the Discord Server! i'll touch on em Left to right, top to bottom

The first request was a Mana engine powered Tractor. Wanted to keep it somewhat medieval looking and i think it turned out dandy. Mana engines tend to be rather pricey due to the qualities of VerdaStal making it hard to actually manufacture. So a tractor (or vehicle like this at all) would more be a luxury for a richer agricultural corporation. Commonly farming is simply done en masse with paid workers in most nations. Ormer doing more of the heavy lifting oriented jobs.

Next up is that crossbow dragon in the corner, someone wanted me to talk about armor in the dragonscape and figured i would touch up on it a little. First up are those who don't really need much armor, usually ranged drekir in deep pulse militaries, This one simply just has a verdastal gas mask with some night vision, apart from that the dragon isn't really armored. Considering they aren't meant to be within spears rich of the opponent this is understandable.

The Orm in this case is a deep pulse mage. Now considering all the work that goes into mages they tend to like a lot more flair in their armor, a way of advertising "hey look i put all this effort into being a mage look at me and how much better I am than you" type of thing. Mages do need some armor though, seeing as they tend to need to get a lot closer to the fight to actually be effective. So medium armor is common amongst mages.

Lastly heavy armor, Ormer and Drekir who are heavily armored tend to be either wealthy warriors who can afford a thick layer of protection, or troops specially equipped by their nation for a specialist task. This guy also has a mace rigged up to shoot out some lightning with every swing. Also usually these heavy suits of armor tend to be rigged up with a spirit computer that can aid that fighter in battle.

Alrighty back to the order

One request was to draw the upper classes of deep pulse society, since im still working through the societies of the deep pulse I couldn't go into detail but decided to try my hand at some early concepts. The dragon on the left is a west coast dragon belonging to the top of the crop in Porlinian societies (the name roughly carries over from portland if it wasn't obvious) And they are particularly absurd in how they dress if you couldn't tell. It's all about flaunting your wealth as hard as possible.
On the right is a Northern Scraelinger king, a lot more modest and practical since the scraelings tend to be pretty practically minded. He does look happy but lets be honest, he's probably killed a lot of other dragons to get to be king. He is happy and panting over a pile of bodies I bet.

Finally at the bottom are some South American Mercenaries fighting someone just off screen. Mostly warfare kinda functions as a high tech pike and shot style warfare. ye olde sci fi as it were.

Alrighty thats all i got

Shaggy out!

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