The Deep Pulse Doodles by TheShaggyDragon

The Deep Pulse Doodles


4 April 2019 at 21:11:34 MDT

Hey folks something different kinda!

So i have recently been looking into a second period in the dragonscape, since basically all im doing now in the post pulse is typing out papers to talk about the world. All the info I am interested in talking about has been decided on there, just typing it out.

so im opening up a new Era in the Dragonscape and that is The Deep Pulse, which is 1000 years after the initial pulse, and about 800 years after a series of pulse fractures that have enveloped almost the whole world with a few small exceptions. The basic idea for the future at this point is a world rebuilt on the economic power of mana and the products/utilities that can be made with the stuff!

I am thinking of taking more of a science fiction/fantasy renaissance world in terms of basic approach. As such I'll take what i can from the 15th/16th centuries and see how i can fit it into the concepts and norms of the dragonscape. overall though this is a world dominated by high tech swordsman, mana suit mages, and even mana tanks.

Now for the doodles, I will describe these in the order of right to left, top to bottom.

In the top left corner are 3 general civilians, just kinda how the typical drek looks. A very renaissance type flair to their outfits, in terms of daily use tech im still working that out. not sure hand portable phones or computers are in this kinda sci-fi situation due to the nature of mana. nonetheless drekir here are generally a lot better off than their post pulse ancestors. and clothing is typically a but brighter and more vibrant in color.

Next up Mana Spines
A Mana spine is a common and versatile type of mana storage for drekir of all types. Most commonly these are used by industrial workers, professional mages, and soldiers operating mana powered weapons and armor. It is actually quite simple, a Mana spine is a clear rubber tube that is filled with mana that is sometimes elementized but not always. These mana spines often have other devices incorporated into them to complement the needs of the user. There are two examples here
The first is an industrial welder, the mana spine is filled with fire elementized mana that is then pressurized and shot out through a hose to weld metal. Very simple but very effective.
The bottom is a mages mana spine, essentially the mana spine is hooked up to pump mana into the drek, allowing them to do magic with having to chug a vial of mana every few seconds. this often can be dangerous though if the mage doesn't know how to safely control the manaflow and risks overloading. but all in all this allows a dragon to really keep up the flow of mana for magic.

Next up is a deep pulse gun. But first i need to discuss one of the GIANT problems in deep pulse warfare
and that is dragons (drekir and sivilao) have gotten really good at making verdastal as strong as possible, often strong enough to resist even typical verdastal projectiles. The only thing that can really get through high quality, thick verdastal at this point is but the strongest and fastest projectiles you can launch. That isn't to say its the only way to get past Verdastal, since warhammers axes and halberds still work fine, and not everyone is wearing heavy verdastal but an Arcabus is one solution to this problem.
an Arcabus gun is very simple to use. It's muzzleloaded and is fired by the force of extremely pressurized fire mana, this launches a verdastal slug with enough force to give any heavily armored drek (and sometimes even ormer and heavily armored cavalry) a serious wound even if they are wearing heavy armor. However this force is also enough to do things like destroy rifling and most complex mechanisms. hence the very simple smoothbore musket style firearms. This results in a style of warfare that is usually more of a pike and shot style. Dragon musketeers and crossbow drakes loosing powerful volleys on their opponenets, protected by rows of halberdiers, swordrakes and pikes (sometimes explosive pikes). While Ormer, Mavotur, Cavalry, mana tanks, wyverns and air cavalry try and break the enemy formations or take out the powerful crossbows, guns, and bombards.

On that note, a heavily armored Orm!
Many of hte sivilao kingdoms that cover the dragonscape in the post pulse have long since been destroyed and the inhabitants integrated elsewhere, as such, driyalkir, ormer, mavotur and sometimes prejager have been instated into drekir societies for hundreds of years, often breaking down typical sivilao rules and culture. Ormer in deep pulse warfare are usually assigned with carrying a bigger gun or breaking up enemy massed formations. while formations of drekir with explosive pikes are really threatening to them an orm can ruin a group of gundragons or crossbow drakes as quickly as any group of cavalry. This one has a giant verdastal club covered in glass bulbs of mana that are meant to explode on breaking, doesn't matter the armor your wearing, it won't save you from getting squashed.

Next up is a drek halberdier, kinda more showing off the renaissance mana-punk vibe here, a high tech helmet and visor that keeps information flowing as well as a backup wrist communicator. A halberd is a primitive weapon but is more than capable of chopping light to medium drekir armors it's a common weapon for protecting formations of ranged soldiers in this new and common regimental warfare.

Lastly a mana tank. Engines and engine based vehicles are not really common in the dragonscape. as an engine strong enough to withstand mana has to be made of hard verdastal which is a pain to make and machine into precise engine parts. So cars are more for the wealthiest of deep pulse nations and city states. however militarily you will on rare occasion see a mana tank, which is more like an armored car. but these things can take all but a volley of cannon fire and keep chugging so they are powerful. this one has a thunder cannon (a cannon that shoots bolts of lightening) and a crossbow drake with a fast shooting crossbow repeater. These things are rare but significant and are typically employed in very small numbers by the wealthiest of nations and cities.

As always this is a starting point, I hope to flesh this out over the coming weeks and years as I continue to type out the post pulse lore
Shaggy out!

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