The Doodle dump before the Sivilao Book by TheShaggyDragon

The Doodle dump before the Sivilao Book


24 February 2019 at 01:03:27 MST

Hey folks! One more doodle dump before i should be done with the Sivilao handbook! Trying to wrap up most of the drawings for that at this point so
As always, top to bottom and left to right

One of the discord requests, I think after waking up as a big bird I would be done with the day too. Not a lot to say lorewise here but its quite enjoyable to me

Some design thoughts for Hobo as a character, mostly just color changes as ive been experimenting on this for a while now, ill probably have a new reference up sooner or later here.

A drek defending themselves from a wild spirit sta, The best way to "kill" starir is to aim for the glass like formations on their heads, as that is where the spirit resides in the body. shattering that will force the spirit back to the 1st construction and keep you from getting badly beaten! So aim for the head folks, just like zombies... if zombies where instead constructions built of a material similar to concrete.

A drek living in a village outside of the city state of Portland getting all excited for a radio broadcast of a new hit band. New musical groups will surely rise up and, if they can, would probably be best off if they can set up shop in the security of a city state, and with the often much better tech available at these places they may be able to broadcasts their performances and gather a bit of a regional following and some level of fame! Additionally broadcasts like these are a bit of a relief for the drekir in the surrounding villages who can put something on to listen to or have in the background while they relax as the evening winds down.

A tiny doodle to answer a question on the discord about drek diet, which is a hard question to answer as it varies wildly depending on who and where you are talking about. I went ahead and assumed the probable diet of drekir in the Midwest US. So mostly a lot of staple crops like Corn, Potatoes and wheat/bread, additionally a little bit of meat (probably cockatrice poultry) and a bowl of water. Something that drekir will have to learn quick is that a glass of water isn't very optimal for them, and a bowl works a bit better. Basically, almost all dragons drink things similar to how a dog drinks water

A cutout of a primitive region dreks hut in northern canada. These are rather bleak places generally speaking with the terrible winters and lack of technology, but drekir can still get by. I wish i drew more in the house though as it feels a bit too barren.

Shaggy out!

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