Ofuth of The Northern Great Plains by TheShaggyDragon

Ofuth of The Northern Great Plains


1 October 2018 at 20:18:32 MDT

phew that was a lot of catchup to do

Hey folks! I've been wantin to doodle up a Caste Castle for a while and here it is! Well more specifically the view from the agricultural wave of the Öfuth, more on that below.
I kinda fell into a vibe that I hadn't felt since I was doing Sogalun work! It probably helped with the music i chose for this:

So the Öfuth, or ÖfuthRaddir depending on if you wanna say Keep or Keep of the Gods

So the Öfuth is the Capital of a Caste Dragon Kingdom, it often takes up a massive area and is a hub of caste dragon culture and teachings. So how are these capital cities organized?

There is a series of 5 walled off sections that extend from the central keep like a radial wave, surrounding the keep and extending to the next wall, These sections are referred to in Sivilao as Bylor, or "waves" in English. Each Öfuth will have 5 waves.

1st Byl: The outermost walls and the area behind them. These are the tallest and most fortified walls and the space in this Byl is the home of the Ormer, who train and guard the walls relentlessly. The 1st Byl is the primary line of defense for an Öfuth against attackers and is often the most intimidating wall to look at.

2nd Byl: The second walls hide the fertile farmland of the Öfuth behind them, this is where crops and food animals are grown, harvested/slaughtered and often cooked. This is also the home of the Drekir and Driyalkir. Who are always the ones to work on the farms, drekir here tend to not have much hope of escaping. it's nigh impossible, but they at least have a job and food! Sometimes they might be ordered by the castes to work deeper into the city for more maintenance jobs or to mine VerdaStal from the Teal Alter

3rd Byl: This is sorta the religious center of any Öfuth, it is where the Teal Alter is, as well as where Monuments and temples to the Raddir are erected and lastly where all religious holidays and ceremonies take place. It is also the location of where a dungeon would be kept, as Caste Dragons believe that being exposed to the beauty of the voices above might calm the spirit of an offender. No caste lives here directly but every caste will often be in here at some point of the day, be it for morning prayers and blessings or industrial reasons like extracting and processing VerdaStal

4th Byl: This is the academic ring, a walled ring of libraries, holding hundreds of thousands of disk rows telling stories of the past as well as information about the new world the Sivilao inhabit. This is also the home of the MaVaeJur, whom write literature, music, and notes on the world around them and towards the voices above

5th Byl: This is the true Öfuth. This place only encompases one building and that is often a holy throne known as RotapaJar, the Pot of Echoes. These massive ceramic structures are where the Prejag lives, from this pot it's 3 heads reach out like leaves of a plant to keep a vigilant watch of it's kingdom. Sending out waves of magic to declare doctrines, orders and policies to the dragons beneath it.

Sivilao Architecture and art is ALWAYS focused on circles, they right on disks, with words often working inbetween and around images. They believe that the spoken and sung word is cyclical, because you will say a word or combination of words again. This destiny of repetition makes every word sacred and holy and necesitates it to be depicted on a circle, cyclical.

This also reflects in their Architecture, the circular nature of each Öfuth gate is mean to be reflective of the cycle of reincarnation, which they believe in. The belief that the soul is cleansed and reborn upon death is something important to them.

Shaggy out!