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Family Secrets Might be on hold ( real life crisis)

on 24 January 2013 at 11:19:51 MST

Family Secrets II Might be on hold( real life Crisis)

(Donate to paypal : and leave a note regarding this topic if you would like to help)

Alright so i got some ill news for you all.

i have gotten a HUGE fine for something i did halv year ago, now this is all personal bussnies, but as this might hamper the process of family secrets II quite severgly, i feel that it is my duity to share this information.

First off, if you know me, you know that i am a pretty swell guy, even though i had a very troubled childhood and all the classic reasons to become a thug or what not i became quite the oppesit.

i dont drink on week days, i dont do snus , i dont do drugs, and i dont do crime. and iv never been in a physical fight in my entire life up to this event i litterly had NO crime register, (22 years of age, i didnt even have a fucking snatch candy bar as 6 year old regester)

But one fateful summer last year, i was in a rather rough patch, and that + alcohol = bad mix.

soo...i did what all troubled single guys do when they had to much to drink.

i vandalized a wodden fence....

that's right THAT is my hardcore crime...i vandalized a fence in drunken daze..i didn't punch someone in the face , steal someones car , hurt someones feelings, i fucked up 2 wodden planks on a dudes fence.


of how minor this crime is and being my very first crime mistake of my life, Karma thought that it was one to many, and someone saw the entire thing and then sued me for it

what is the fine?

655,42 EUR

871,26 USD

(yes i am not kidding for a wodden fence)

This is an INSANE amount of money for me to pay....

Now so far i have been able to pay about 1/3 of this, but long story short said person is getting rather impatient.

Now how dose this effect family secrets II ?.

Well first off, i can no longer pay for it myself, (or parts of it, as ALL my money must now go to this)

Now i have gotten donations, and THOSE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE but the comic, cuse thats what they are for but here is the kicker.

Family secrets to me is a sort of...self reward kind of thing, it is something i like to treat myself to, because i feel i can reward myself with it not just becouse of the pure fap material, but having so many follwers of the comic and showering you with such praise, makes you feel like you have accomplished something, you have brought joy to others, both in boner messurment and laughter, you have lighten up someones day and that makes me feel well really good, and well to be quite honest.

I dont feel like i deserve that right now,

and to sit here desperelty needing money to pay the dude, or il get a dot in my regrester "witch i wont be able to take loans for collage, etc etc" it is all entierly up to if i can plead him for a down payment till it is payed off , or till i manage to land a job and can pay my first sallory to him.

But anyhow sitting here in my right hand screaming" I AM BROKE I NEED TO PAY THIS DUDE OR MY FUTURE IS FUCKED!" but in my other hand i have donations for Family Secrets, that is all about joy and self rewarding, the wieght on this scale is kind off....Off if you know what i mean?.

Again DO NOT worry, the donations you people have made are not going anywhere to pay of my dept, i could never scam anyone like that no matter what happens to me.

But that said, until this is paied off ...i dunno if i will be able to produce proper family secrets pages... becouse i am..well in black and white depressed


I feel like i should, because people ARE waiting for it, and a few people HAVE donated for it, and even though the word here is " donation" is it simply not just plain helping me pay for the pages?, and so should i not always be able to produce no matter my mental state?

i have just sold my gaming laptop for 100 euros ( 145,21 USD) an Asus Lamborghini VX3 wich was perfectly fine but had to sell it to first best buyer, because i have to give this dude SOMETHING tomorrow when i plead to him.

i feel really torn about this all this, i feel like i am letting people down, i feel like i am letting myself down, and the self loathing for what i did is way more then it should be for a vandalized fence, but among the stuff i have now this is just piling up.....

I promise i will do my best to produce pages for you people, i can not guarantee anything though as i reffuse to if they are not up to the quality that i expect of myself, the witty lines, all the sexing , and references i cant allow myself to let this suffer....

now , there is with nothing less then with outmost shame and self loathing that i do this, but if someone would like to .......donate to help me pay for my bills that would be nothing less then godlike of them...

ya would not be donating to make the comic go faster, you would not donate to improve the speed of production for family secrets, (As these things SHOULD HAPPEN , regardles of my mental state) but you would be helping a fellow in need, just so you are aware of it.

Look i really do not know how to say sickens me that i am even saying it, I may not have alot of things going in my life, but one of those things where that i could take care of mysel stand proudly and say, " i am doing my best to change my life predicament, and i dont do stupid misstakes!", , and try as hard as i could and not be a fucking charity case, and i have to do nothing less now then to swallow my entire pride to even let you people know about this....

So there you have it...there will probebly be delays, or at least a very un-even new page appearing

and if you feel like donating to help me with this, then god bless your heart, but please...dont make journals for me saying" THIS GUY NEEDS HELP" it....its so pathetic....

If someone want to help me, i want them to do it from the bottom of thier own heart , not because it was shoved in thier face throw a journal....

last note: i am sorry that its a massive wall of text i just cant keep myself short...

Ether way god bless you all and i will try my hardest to keep producing pages for you

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    look what i found here ..... (really i know that your sig in this too XD)

    sup shadow fluffy tail? =3

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    Hon please remember that you may only upload to weasyl if

    1) your the original artist.

    2) if the artist does not want to upload a specific picture .

    3) The original artist does not have an account or does not want one.

    I just cited the policy for you.

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      2 and 3 only applies if the artwork is for you (Commissioned by you or gifted to you)

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      So the fact that the art is 100% copy writed to me has no significance what so ever ?

      That in all honesty seems kind of stupid, that means i can not upload my comic cuse i did not drew it, even though i made the world the charecters, the script" on and on and on"

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        I'm not sure but, is Weasyl OK with adult stuff now, or is it not? I cannot find one single adult TLK pic on the whote site. Seriously. Not one.

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          have you enabled adult content?

          Also its been closed beta up till a few hours ago, chill brah there coming xP

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            The only reference to adult stuff I find here are in the "Browse" section. Or search function. I enable Mature and all that Jazz, type nala, simba, sex, yiff, rape or whatever into the search and I get ... nothing. It this just me or did I overlook something important?