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Adopts Batch #3 by TheScorchingDragon

Adopts Batch #3


Adoptables by me
We have still available:


DM me or leave a comment if you want to claim
The price is 45USD.
Payment is via paypal.
You will receive the artwork.
If you don't like their colour pallet, you can select some custom colours for him and his outfit, i'll even stream it over discord for you. However a re-colour will cost 7usd extra.
If you want to use any of these concepts for commercial use please notify me before purchase.

Thank you to my current patrons, i appreciate you all.
Special thanks to those in the 3rd tier or higher:
If you would like access to my patreon account, send me a note.

My twitter accounts also have art posted to them. - Art - RPG

Art - :iconTheScorchingDragon: