Character stats by TheScatterbrain

Character stats


16 April 2016 at 19:33:29 MDT

I was entertaining myself with giving our fictional children RPG stats and then it just seemed like a good excuse to draw some little portraity things. As always half of these guys are Swanda's creations.

Maybe I should post the drawings by themselves, they turned out pretty nice, but right now it's very late pffff


  • The stats only apply to a fighting/survival situation - For example Elle isn't a total idiot, but if she had to fight anyone she'd panic completely, and Madison isn't all that lucky when it comes to things other than surviving against impossible odds.
  • Perception covers quick thinking, creativity and intuition where intelligence is more about planning, logic and drawing on existing knowledge.
  • Zealot is a weird class for Giselle, I just picked it because it's kind of opposite from Lana's class and I always think of Giselle as evil!Lana haha. Basically Giselle's a melee mage, but I don't think there's an established RPG class for that? If you can stay out of range you'll probably be okay, but if she touches you it's game over. Rex's class is bad too. He's a mage/rogue/jack-of-all-trades kinda guy. Again I don't think there's an RPG class for that.
  • Maddie's a bard because she's good at inflicting fury and that's about it. Don't make her sing.


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    This is a neat idea!

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    Suddenly statistics! I love it.

    I've always heard a melee-mage called a "spellsword." Alternately you could run with "blackguard" as the opposite to paladin as in D&D mechanics. That's just the word person in me thinking aloud though. I enjoy seeing character artwork like this that doesn't just show them off but gives you things to think about.

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      Hrmmm, spellsword implies you use a sword. Blackguard could work - it has the whole obtaining "demonic" skills, which is fairly accurate. But as far as character traits go, Giselle really is a zealot.

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    Should that perhaps have been 'buffer overflow' on that last panel?