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Deep within the Hive by TheScalyBard

Deep within the Hive


The following are personal recordings by Dr. Jacoby Wilhem, renowned Doctor in xenophysiology, morphology, and psychology. They were recovered from an abandoned mobile research post on Sigma Delta-7, last known location of Dr. Wilhem. No other recordings were found.

Day 3 – I can’t believe the number of strings I had to pull in order to set up shop on this backwater planet to research the xenomorphs. Even after showing point by point my precautions, my contacts within the government stalled as long as they could. It wasn’t until a bunch of suits from Weyland-Yutani stepped in and offered to back my research that I finally got the green light. I have to admit, as much as I despise WeYu and corporate politics, I can’t argue when they cut through political red-tape. And between their additional funding and giving me far superior equipment to what the University has, I expect this expedition to be very, very fruitful. Shame my colleague and competitor couldn’t see this.

Day 5 – Brief fly-over the Hive before deploying my synth-drones. After calibrating their pheromone-emitters, sent them into begin mapping out the structure. Strange thing is, I’m getting a low-grade interference on the sensors, so I’m running it through spectrum filters to decipher the gibberish. There’s also a steady droning sound that at first, I attributed to a faulty sound sensor on one of the synths, but it turns out it’s coming from within the hive itself. I can’t pin-point a location, it seems to be coming from all directions. A minor irritation to deal with.
        Addition to today’s notes. The interference isn’t interference, it’s a distress signal! This isn’t just a hive, it’s a goddamn Weyland-Yutani research facility! Sweet Jesus, no wonder they were eager to fund my expedition. God please help me survive this mess. sound of a loud exhalation Okay, keep calm. Just focus on adjusting the synth filters to block out the flashing emergency lights, worry about survival later. Hmm, I wonder if the steady droning sound could be vibrations from the facility reactors vibrating through the resin. I’ll have to send one of the synths to investigate.

Day 9 – I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, I think it may be the ridiculous rotation of this festering hellhole, almost twice the length of Earth. It’s making it hard to concentrate, and I find my mind wandering on occasion. But enough about my problems, I’ve encountered an oddity with my findings. Unlike every other hive I’ve studied, this hive doesn’t seem to have one set chamber for the Queen. In fact, I’ve discovered two such chambers, full of eggs, but no Queen. Why would a Queen have two chambers? And where the slagging hell is the Queen? sigh I’m starting to hate WeYu for paving the way for me to get here. I hate mysteries. Screw this, I’m taking some meds, and going to bed.
        Addition to today’s notes. Found the facility’s main control room. What controls haven’t been slagged all to hell and gone, are covered in resin. Short of detonating one of the synths, there’s no shutting down the emergency mode, or getting to the reactors. Which means no way of shutting down that damn droning sound. Ef em el.

Day 10 – Mystery deepens. Drone-1 caught a glimpse of the Queen’s carapace in the northern sector of the Hive, but less than thirty seconds later, Drone-3 recorded her silhouette in the southern sector. Given the size of the hive, that’s a physical impossibility. I triple-checked the data, and rebooted the software on all three drones to be safe. Still another hour before the reboot’s complete, so I think I’m going to take a nap. My head feels like an elephant is doing River Dance on my skull.
        Oh, additional note, the local fauna’s gotten used to my perimeter deterrence system, and despite the warning shots from the defense turrets, they keep tripping the sensors. The constant beeping and whirring of the turrets moving is wrecking my concentration. I’ve found a new location ten kilometers from here; I’ll relocate in the morning.

Day 13 – Oh my God, this is unprecedented! There’re two Queens! TWO Queens! In one Hive! In over a decade of studying the xenos, I have never heard of this happening before! sound of a bottle being opened I have to get my synths in closer somehow. Every time I try, those damnable drones suddenly decide they have to stampede down whatever tunnel my synths are in, and I lose them… several seconds of silence If I didn’t know better, I’d swear to God that these Queens were toying with my synths. But that’s impossible; these synths have been used in over a hundred different hives without so much as turning a drone’s head. Hmm, I actually finding myself wishing my colleague was here, her insight and experience on xenopsychology is, admittedly, superior to mine. laughter What am I thinking? I don’t need the doctor’s opinions; I have every bit as much experience as she does.
        On a personal note, the headaches are finally starting to disappear, so I’m thinking it had something to do with the previous location. Also, I’ve gotten used to the constant droning from the Hive, it’s actually proven soothing when getting to sleep.

Day 23 – The first Queen as made her presence known. She no longer taunts my synths with mere glimpses, but still keeps them at a distance. If they try to get too close, Her drones block the synths long enough for her to escape the sensors. loud sigh This doesn’t make sense. Drone-2’s been the one that’s mostly seen this particular Queen. Perhaps one of its phero-emitters is malfunctioning? I’ve run several diagnostics, and everything’s coming up green. This is more frustrating than being strong-armed into modifying the grades for some silver-spooned bastard just because of their daddy’s alum.
        Personal note, I’ve disabled the perimeter deterrence system, that godawful beeping, and the warning shots from the turrets were interfering with the droning, which in turn is interfering with my concentration. I’m not worried; I’ve pulled a pistol and pulse rifle from the armory, so I’m armed should anything get ballsy enough to touch my ship.

Day 27 – Drone-1 and 3 followed a pack of drones to the back of the Hive, revealing a third chamber that looks like it may have been a hanger bay. The second Queen revealed herself as she stepped down from the wing of a cargo carrier, revealing a strange and frightening beauty. Unlike the normal black, her exoskeleton glows a dull purple in the light from the overhead vents. She’s also unlike any Queen I’ve seen in that she’s covered in scars, particularly on her carapace. The synths couldn’t get in close for scans, but using the visual data, their placement is… odd. long exhalation of breath But perhaps the most fascinating are her tail, and her leg. Her tail is a miraculous twist in xenomorph evolution. Instead of the long, scythed whip-tail, it maintains a certain thickness, and ends in a head that’s reminiscent of a chest-burster! I can only pray that I can get my synths closer to study.
        Her leg has also proven a fascinating anomaly. I noticed almost immediately that she moved with a limp. Angling Drone-1, imagine my shock upon seeing that her left leg is covered in some sort of… mold? Parasite? I’m not sure, to be honest. Whatever it is, it seems to be supporting her very well, so I guess that would make it more a symbiotic relationship. This is unheard of among xenomorphs. I wish the good Dr. Chesney could see this; she’d be seething with envy at this discovery! laughing This is going to make me famous!
        Personal note. I’ve been making recordings of the musical droning coming from the Hive, and running them on loop through the algorithm filters. I’m convinced there is something in there, a previously unknown method of communication between Queen and drones. several seconds of silence It’s storming again; I can hear it pattering against the hull. And just like the day before, there’s hail in it, I can hear the ‘tap tap tap’ as it hits. I’m forced to turn up the sound on the droning loops in order to compensate. So soothing.

Day 32 – The Queen Dominant has proven as unique as the Queen Mother. Whereas I thought her exoskeleton was pure black, it’s actually striped with faint white markings, much like a zebra. She has also proven the source of the scars on the other. I’m watching now as they bump their carapaces in what can only be a gesture of affection, something I never would have thought the xenomorphs capable of. The Queen Mother submits herself to the Dominant, hissing in pleasure as razor sharp talons score across her carapace.
        They’re watching my synths now, amusement clear as they track my Drones within a pack of drones. They’ve known the entire time, toying with my Drones for weeks. It’s okay though, the Queen Mother has gifted me with her droning Song the last few weeks in return. The Queen Dominant lashes out, her tail splitting Drone-1’s head open like a melon. The synth fluids splash over the walls and it doesn’t even have a chance to hit the floor before the drones are on it. Her tail moves again, and Drone-3 is neatly bisected through the chest. The spray of fluids is beautiful.
        several seconds of silence, then the scraping of a chair across the deck They’re herding Drone-2 to the Queen Mother. She’s petting one of her Children, then shoos him away as 2 is forced in front of Her. Her fingers are beautiful as they caress 2’s dome, then crushes it with ease. I can see Her smiling at me seconds before the feed cuts out. My synths are no more.

Day 36 – I miss the Queen Mother’s song. The recordings are pale imitations of Her voice. Perhaps She will sing as I repair my synths. I have my gear ready. long pause, punctuated by loud tapping against the hull They’re here. They’ve been here, watching, waiting patiently. They will guide me to the Hive. Chesney, I wish you could hear their song. It’s so beautiful. sound of a hatch opening, following by a sibilant hiss I’m ready.

This gorgeous piece was done by the ever-incredible fae, Viral_Divinity Viral_Divinity. If you're not watching fae, what the hell is wrong with you?!

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    I've already told you how much I love this! Great concept and well executed :)