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Recommendation for artists to watch on Weasyl

on 21 January 2014 at 19:59:55 MST

A lot of people are trying to make Weasyl a major or the main site they post and interact on, so here's a few recommendations for unique artists to watch to get some variety and inspiration. If you have any faves for me to watch go ahead and post them too. I already have some of the big names like AlectorFencer and Balaa but this list is for a bit more variety.

First if you want to support an artist still getting their gallery off the ground here: Melusina

Toulouse - Bold, technicolour yet dark, gritty and vicious style. Fantastic inspiration for expressing yourself through line quality, tangible movement and daring clashing colour schemes.

Vekke - Extremely unique and gorgeous style, a must-see if you're interested in colour theory, muted cool/warm colour schemes, and bringing life to flat styles.

Cadmiumtea - A fantastic demonstration of the beauty of traditional media. Also plenty of inspired designs and an appreciation of rare species and accurate and diverse anatomy.

Dimespin - Whimsical, fascinating work with (seemingly) a surrealist bent. Plenty of anthro themes and a beautiful soft-lit digital technique.

Sheppymomma - An artist who has been a big inspiration to me for many years, with a recognisable and versatile style. Her dedication to technical excellence has led to a masterful exploration of cartoon styles, realism and seamlessly everything in between.

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