Phyragacus Comantia (Request) by Therion

Phyragacus Comantia (Request)


25 April 2015 at 19:10:03 MDT

Requested from here:

Requested by feyphoenix feyphoenix

Species Involved:
Jewel Caterpillar
Ambush Bug (Phymatinae)
Blue Dragon Sea Slug (Glaucus Atlanticus)
Snail (Helix Pomatia)


Never worked on insects before. Though I do admire the few insect artists I've seen. XD You have my respect! Lol


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    how did you combine 4 freakin insects into one O-o

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      :0 Just magical like the magic school bus bro! Rofl

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      Only two are arthropods. The other two are molluscs.

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    This is pretty awesome, by the way. Really love how you incorporated the different features. I know my prompt wasn't easy haha xD