Many Eyes by Therion

Many Eyes


25 October 2014 at 05:01:00 MDT

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I have a great fascination for eyes. Even to the point I'll ask people if I can get a close shot. I have a lot of people's eyes so to say. I've taken a few pictures of my own and they all have different lighting.

However the top 3 pictures are a before and after. I did some photo-shop for a nice effect. My eye was grey enough that day so it would take color very well. (Yeah the first is the original without a grey scale. The 2nd is grey scale.) I wanted to try my hand at a blue monochrome eye. I also did a darker eye liner and mascara. I made the might a little brighter and did stuff to the skin.

The next row on the left is when my eye was naturally bluer that day. The next 2 are with a camera flash directly in the eye. lol I wanted to know my eye's true colors. The last was a bit of fun. I took half an eye and placed it on top. Made a cool natural pattern I say. lol

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