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Kinrik| Scout| Tiki


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Name: Tiki
Nickname: Tiki
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Occupation: Scout
Pack: Kinrik

Color: Liver Sable Pointed Pangare Roan
Genotype: Ee/Aa/SbSb/PP/nPng/nR
Eyes: Amber
Nose/skin: Black
Tail: Bobbed
Ears: Pricked
Height: 5.6 ft
Weight: 422 LBs


Tiki in his adolescent years has calmed down in personality a lot. He was the type of youngster with boundless energy to run around and chase anything he could. His parents didn't know how to tame his energy and reign in his disobedience. They decided to put him to work and train him earlier then others. With some early difficulties they eventually focused his energy onto his work instead the unsuspecting victims of his pack mates. Tiki now-a-days is calmer but is still quite playful in nature. Tiki will challenge adults to races and tug-a-wars quite often even if he's not the strongest or fastest. He loves to do work and tasks that let him run around. He gets the greatest satisfaction from a long days run of scouting and hunting. So he's always a volunteer for anything long distance or gets his blood pumping. On an average day Tiki will get up early and do quick perimeter checks looking for anything out of the ordinary. If he can he will grab small prey on his own to bring back for breakfast. He tries to be helpful in the ways he knows he can. He happily fetches or finds things for others on a daily basis. He knows he's not the strong brute type and won't be holding a bull by it's horns anytime soon. So he tries to follow and be with the pack as a unit.

When conflict arises among his pack, Tiki will become stressed and worried. If conflict is directed at him personally, he will immediately shrink and try to crawl away. He hates to be scolded and hates to fail at his tasks.

On the darker end of his personality. He has a deep fear around smaller pups and will vacate the area if he feels he will be involved with pups in some way. Due to a bad prey drive he fears one day he might do something unforgivable. Though thankfully most who have known him will not give him pup duties. Though sometimes some will seclude him entirely out of fear or watch him very carefully with no privacy of his own. This causes him great anxiety and guilt. Rolling him up into a ball of stress and quick flight responses. He rather run or hide away from the ones causing him harm or stress. He develops an extreme submissive personality when youngsters are near. He'll hide behind others or objects trying to make himself small and insignificant behind a shield.

Deep down Tiki is very soft hearted, honest, and strives to be good. He tries his best to be normal but he has tricky flaws that he needs to overcome. [449 Word Count]

Inventive || He becomes very creative when faced with a problem or need. If he can't win the situation by strength. Tiki will try to conquer his task by wit or creation. Mostly using his enviroment or tools to get to his goal.

Observant || Tiki's eyes are quick to notice movement of critters big and small. He'll spend more time paying attention to the terrian's details and landmarks. Subconciously noting where herds and where prey frequent out of habit.

Erratic Prey Drive || Sometimes he becomes quite vicious towards small animals and prey. He'll become possesive (food aggressive) over his captured prey items in this state of mind. Trying to remove them will lead to warning growls and if continued will be bitten. Occasionally Tiki will go binge hunting for small rabbits, squirrels, or mice to calm his prey drive needs. (This isn't an everyday behavior but it happens occasionally.)

High Anxiety || Tiki is easily worried or nervous by uncertain situations. He is normally pacing back and forth trying to calm himself when he has no direct involvement in the situtation or activity of the pack. Overtime causing himself to lose sleep or appetite.

Strengths: Honest, Helpful, Soft Hearted, Hard Worker
Weaknesses: Anxiety, Bottles Fears, No Confidence in Self


Tiki grew up within the pack of Kinrik for most of his life. Though when he got older, his parents ever so often would travel south to the edges of Nomads and Kinrik with him for a change in scenery. They enjoyed the warmer climate but never strayed to far from their snowy home. They would form small groups and explore the unfamiliar areas with Tiki. Tiki of course tried to absorb everything he could but Tiki's parents saw at a young age Tiki had lots of energy. He had a hard time paying attention and keeping his focus with so much to explore. He would get easily distracted and dwell on abstract concepts. Trying different methods they finally decided he would need to be exercised and trained in beginner scouting and small game. Tiki wasn't very strong but he was agile on his feet. He had a natural sense for direction and would detect the slightest bits of movement. He was much easier to handle once all his energy was drained from training and so he picked up his parent's teaching quite fast when he wasn't sleeping.

Overtime his parents became concerned by a behavior that started to emerge. He growled and nipped his own father's nose when given prey to practice on. Disciplining his pup they figured he would grow out of it and figured he was a bit more dominate in spirit. Most of the time Tiki would be fine but other times he would get aggressive. They knew something was off and tried their best to teach him. They waited till he was a big enough to really talk it out with him. Talking to elders and herbalists they concluded that he had a strong prey drive and it wasn't his fault. Growing up they knew he couldn't help the behavior and would try to find ways to calm it. Though precautions were taken when he grew bigger and could do more damage. His father had a few more scars but he knew it was worth it.

His parents geared him towards work and discipline. Things that would capture his focus and give him something to do. He really honed on his natural skills of observation, tracking, mapping, and hunting. Overtime they noticed a decline in the behavior and trusted him to his privacy. Furthering his adolescent independence he would explore on his own and grew more into the modeled pack member his parents wanted him to be.

Though not all members saw him the same way. Some assumed he was a loose cannon and would exclude him entirely. His parents guarded him from such members but some would slip through the cracks. His parents noticing this would take longer trips down to the boarders of Nomads and Kinrik. As Tiki grew he grew to understand more of why they feared him and would grow easily nervous around the objects of his fear. He learned to avoid them entirely and would exclude himself. His parents were wise and they knew they would not always be around to guide him. He would have to learn things for himself eventually. They of course took care of him and would try you nudge him into the right directions with hints but he had to discover things for himself.

Tiki grew up to be about 9 years old. He was independent enough to be on his own but he always returned to his pack. He a has few small self accomplishments under his belt but nothing to big. The pack has grown more relaxed with his presence which has helped with his stress levels. He's tries to skirt by under the radar and try to fit in. His parents are around but they have officially pushed him out of their den. Tiki trying to grasp being a young adult he's trying not to stress being on his own in the pack. Trying to keep himself busy as he's trying to figure things out. Tiki trying to becoming more serious in his occupation hopes he can do well. [678 Word Count]

Father : Kepano : Hunter
Mother : Keleki : Bard


Amber: 5 Amber For Joining

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