Red The Medieval Wolfaur Knight by theredknight100

Red The Medieval Wolfaur Knight


7 July 2014 at 21:43:57 MDT

hey guys, Red the wolftaur here :) here is one awesome Request art of y wolftaur Red made by my good friend Huntinsnake over at furaffinity who did an awesome job drawing this for me :)

Red Was given an very odd task by his commender to go explore an old foreboding castle, one day befour he left an portal open up and suck Red right inside! once Red got out alive the portal left him in the Medieval Times at the foreboding castle in the middle of winter! Red looks at himself seeing that he was wearing an Medieval knights armor and his Fur is all red and black and seems he not very cartoonie anymore, Thankfully that full coat of Red fur keeps the cold at bay for him. now red must find a way to leave the medieval times and try to go past the knights thare.

anyways please stop by Huntinsnake page and check out his awesome work :) also this is his first Request he did :) anyways I hope you guys enjoy it. now will you exuse me I have to change into my human form befours the knights here spot me.

ART made by: Huntinsnake

"Red" Belongs to: Me theredknight100 :)

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