Merwolf and Red PuppyTaur knights At Play by theredknight100

Merwolf and Red PuppyTaur knights At Play


10 March 2014 at 01:20:06 MDT

hey guys Red the merwolf/orca and Red the PuppyTaur here :) this is an awesome Request art of my fursona Red in both his Merwolf and Red Puppytaur forms injoying some spring break fun at the beach playing fetch together :) hehe this kinda reminds me of the last time me and my red puppytaur self play fetch together but not as an merwolf :P this is made by the awesome :iconbuckywhitetale13: who did an awesome job drawing this for me :) please stop by his page and check it out :) anyways I hope you guys injoy it :)

ART made by::iconbuckywhitetale13:

"Red" Belongs to::icontheredknight100: