Red The Wolf Plushie! by theredknight100

Red The Wolf Plushie!


14 July 2019 at 14:26:39 MDT

hello everyone! Red the wolf Plushy here :)

here is my very first and awesome custom made plushie of Red! he is made by the amazing Inkpawz Inkpawz who did amazing job making Red into a real Plushie for me! :D

here we see Red in his feral wolf form but this time as a real Plushie! Red is 14" long and made with super luxurious minky fur! he is very soft and very huggable! i just can't stop hugging him after a long stressful day and always happy to see every time i come home :) its not everyday to see your fursona as a Plushie. i guess im a lucky wolf :P

anyways please check out Inkpawz Inkpawz and check out her awesome art and plushies and support and commission her! she dose amazing custom made plushies and she is an amazing artiest to work with as well. if you want your own custom made plushie. she is opening commissions very soon. so please support her and check her plushies out :)

anyways i hope that you guys enjoy it :)

Plushie Made By:Inkpawz Inkpawz

"Red" Belongs to:theredknight100 theredknight100

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