The Wolf And His Keyblade by theredknight100

The Wolf And His Keyblade


1 August 2016 at 19:13:09 MDT

hey everyone Red the keyblade weirder here :)

here is the most awesome prize raffle art I won and got done by the awesome :Havick Havick who did an awesome job drawing this for me :)

:Havick Havick was open for an art raffle to celebreat his 2000 watchers on FurAffinity so I took a part of it and shockly I WON FOR THE FIRST TIME! :D hehe 13 was a lucky number for this wolf :P

anyways here we have red in his feral wolf form holding the keyblade ( kingdom key ) in his mouth and wielding it :) since I got an keyblade back in January from Ikkicon so I thought let Red hold it for a while :) lets hope he give it back to me soon :P

anyways please check out :Havick Havick and check out his awesome artworks and support him :) please give him 2000 more watchers and congrats him for his 2000 watchers :)

anyways I hope you guys enjoy it :)

ART made by:Havick Havick

"Red'" Belongs to:theredknight100 theredknight100

the keyblade (kingdom key) belongs to: sqare enix and disney

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