Red Reference Sheet ( Feral Wolf Form) by theredknight100

Red Reference Sheet ( Feral Wolf Form)


12 April 2016 at 19:26:22 MDT

hey everyone Red the feral wolf here :)

here is my second commission i just got! this awesome reference sheet is done by the awesome WindWolf WindWolf who did the most awesome job drawing this for me :)

since Red has not have an reference sheet of his feral wolf form and its very new to his other forms so BAM! heres an reference sheet for his feral form! :D I ight do other reference sheets for his other forms but i see what how things go

so heres a bit of info for this form:

besides Red being able to change into an anthro wolf and an merwolf and an wolftaur this is his form as an normal wolf!

he got change into an feral wolf in his early teen years shock that he can change into an normal wolf! but learning to walk was an no problem after he got use to walking on all fours when he was a wolftaur plus he fits right in with an pack of wolves or looking like an normal dog in towns and villages

Wolf Form:

in this form Red may looks like an normal feral wolf but that's just even half of it! he is pretty big wolf almost a size of an computer desk ( im not good at sizes) still can use human speech but also animal speech as well. when all fours can run pretty fast and can out run any dog or wolf (sometimes) he is an lone wolf but he can fit right into a pack or looking like a normal dog in this form.


in this form Red is an very friendly wolf as he is in all of his forms he friendly to both humans and other feral animals and other forms of anthros. even though he is an wolf he acts more like an normal dog then he dose as a wolf but when it comes to trobble and signs of danger as an knight he on his guard and willing to protect his friends and family so no one will be safe around this wolf when he is in his attack moad

Fighting skills:

when attacking or in training he can use his wolf claws but as for weapons he can still use them but mostly axe or small swords and daggers but when it comes to big attacks he use spears or tridents but only a few seconds due to his weight, he holds them in his mouth but cant talk when using an weapon ( kinda like lion sora from kingdom hearts or koromaru from persona 3 just to name a few) his skills are almost the same in his other forms but in this form his skills are better his sance of smell is strong and hearing is better but as for magic he has still use them but mostly healing and water and earth magic


as for clothing in this form he dose not wear any clothing at all but only an siver cross neckless however sometimes when he wears cloths he just wears an Red T-Shirt with an big white wolf paw print. like his wolftaur form he also sometimes wears diapers or speedos depending on his mood. as for knights armor he wears some armor in this form but has to be light and easy to wear when in this form

well that's the info about this form for now i may change it every now and as for now i hope you guys enjoy this reference sheet of his feral form again thare maybe other reference sheets for his other forms but if i have more they will be link here along with his other forms :)

For Artiest:

if i shown this to you for commissions or request if you have any questions or anything about this form please note or Skype to telegram or kik me :)

anyways please check out WindWolf WindWolf and check out her awesome artworks and her comics and please support her and commission her she an awesome artiest and needs all your views :) she can do all your reference sheets and or any drawing that you need :)

anyways i hope you guys enjoy it :)

ART made by:WindWolf WindWolf

"Red" Belongs to:theredknight100 theredknight100

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