Taur In A Poofy Diaper by theredknight100

Taur In A Poofy Diaper


22 June 2015 at 23:15:48 MDT

well this is odd ^^; its not everyday you see an adult wolftaur in a diaper :P

hey everyone red the wolftaur here :) looks at his poofy diaper the diaper wolftaur ^^; here is my first diaper fur drawing done by the awesome "NermDern" over at furaffinity who did an awesome job drawing this for me :)

here we have of course Red in his wolftaur form but this time wearing an big poofy diaper for the first time :P and he seems to enjoy himself wearing one :P Red is potty train but after putting on the diaper he wears it sometimes on his days off and just relaxing and comfort and also just for fun :) he also wears his diaper when he is babysitting a baby or a baby fur :) sometimes he might poop in his diaper :P

something tells me this wont be the last time seeing Red in his diaper :P Im not an ABDL but I am sore of an diaper lover :) and it seems im starting to takeing a likeing to baby fur and diaper fur drawings and artworks :) maybe this wolf will be an diaper lover soon :P

anyways please stop by NermDern at furaffinity and give her your support and check it out :) anyways I hope you guys enjoy it :) now I need a change my diaper :P

Art Made By: "NermDern" at FurAffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nermdern

"Red" Belongs to: theredknight100

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