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Professional fursuit builder located in Colorado.



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BLFC meme!

Days staying:
We're gunna be getting in on Wednesday night around dinner time if all goes well. Leaving Monday morning.

Staying at:
The main hotel

How are you traveling?
driving alllllll the way from Colorado =3

Who are you rooming with?
Rooming with hubby Tidus

Who will you be with?
Not super sure how to answer this question to be honest. Gunna hang with whoever wants to hang with me I guess. Spending lots of time with Dattas, Mika, Tidus, and Eleos and hoping to get to chill with Krokpot and Wintersnowolf so far. If you wanna make actual plans to hang, you better get in touch!

Where will you be?
Gunna be a dealer by day and a party cat by night! I'll be at tables 67 and 68 in the dealer's den selling all kinds of cool goodies.

How is the best way to find you?
Again, I'll probably be in the dealer's den for the most part. I'll be wearing my bandanna and my kigu and looking super fabulous.

What do you look like?
strawberry blonde, tubby, green eyes.

What is your gender?
I'm a woman x) like it matters tho?

How old are you?
old enough to know better and too young to care~

Are you mated/in a relationship?
Absolutely! Tidus is my hubby. However, this doesn't mean you need to treat me like a Siamese-twin or something. I'm still a person and I'm still free. xD

How tall are you?
That depends on who you ask, but approximately 5'7"

Can I talk to you?
Heck yeah. I'm a little awkward but i love a good chat.

Can I hug and/or snuggle you?
Please ask first for hugs, I'm not much of a hugger out of suit and definitely not super snuggly unless I know you pretty well. Please, if you're gunna hug me, please PLEASE don't try to crush me with your arms. I know I'm fat and snuggly, but I'm a pretty fragile person.

Can I touch your butt?
Ok, so I added this one in here obviously, but I feel like something needs to be said about it. I haven't attended a con in YEARS where someone didn't touch/grab my butt at least once during the con. (I think RMFC 2010 was the last con I didn't get groped at). Not just friends, but total strangers as well. Seriously if you are not good friends with me, keep your hands OFF MY ASS or I will punch you in the face and report you straight to con ops. This is not an ok thing to do.

Can I stay with you?
No. Seriously something like that happens at every single con I go to where someone didn't plan accordingly or (heaven forbid) they got kicked out of their own room. We are NOT hosting anyone else in our room and you most certainly can't stay with us. We are VERY picky about who we room with in the first place, and we chose to room alone this year for a reason. please don't ask.

Are you nice?
Again, that depends on who you ask. I've been kinda a meanie in the past, but I really try to be nice to everyone unless you give me a reason not to be! Treat others the way you wanna be treated and it'll all turn out fine~

Are you cliquey?
Dude, everyone is. Why would you not want to stay close to the people you like that make you comfortable and happy? But that doesn't mean you can't join in, just know I'm actually pretty shy and it's hard to make new friends!

Are you fursuiting?
Hells to the yes. just wait... you'll see.

Which suit(s) will you be bringing?
Gunna be bringing Uru, of course. didn't get Toby done in time but that's ok~

Can I try on your suit?
NO. Please understand this is NOTHING PERSONAL, but wearing other people's suits is pretty un-hygienic in my opinion. It's like asking if you can borrow someone else's underwear that they've been wearing, ya know? Plus I have an ultra-sensitive sense of smell and having stranger breath in my suit is absolutely intolerable to me.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Call me Uru!! (pronounced OO ROO) wave if you like, maybe make some dinosaur noises or something?

Stage Performance?
Not planning on it xD I embarrassed myself bad enough at RMFC a few years ago and I'm super out of shape, so I'm just gunna be there to watch.

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
Sure, if I can spare it for long enough for you to draw in it. lemme borrow yours and I'll draw in it while you draw in mine.

Can we hang out?
Sure. I might have plans already made, but I'm always happy to hang out with new people!

Can I talk to you?
Obviously~ I'm gunna try to not be too busy at my table, but if things get hectic I might not be the best company. Totally feel free to swing by and chat though!

Where will you be eating?
I have NO idea, I've never actually been to BLFC before so I don't really know which places are good.

Can I come to dinner with you?
Eh.... maybe? If we invite you to join, totally. Please don't invite yourself along though x.x that gets awkward in a hurry.

Can I buy you breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometime?
Wow, that'd be pretty generous of you! I suppose if you really want to, but I'd rather just go with you to hang out and pay for myself. =3

Can I bring you snacks/goodies?
Heck yeah. I'll probably have some good munchies at my table, but ya never know! I'm allergic to eggs though, so please keep that in mind when getting goodies for me. (small amounts in baked goods are fine).

Can I ask ya to dance with me during the dances?
Sure! I don't know how energetic I'll be after being in the DD all day, but I might hit up the dances when the music is good!

Can I buy you drinks?
Absolutely!!! In fact, if you want to bring UNOPENED drinks to me at my table I'd be happy to give you a goody in return! I like Nos energy drinks, pop, juice, gatorade and water of course. (PLEASE nothing orange though, it gives me migraines! D=) I don't think alcohol is allowed in the den, but if you catch me out to dinner or something you're more than welcome to buy me an 'adult beverage'.

Do you attend parties?
I probably will if i get invited ='v'=

Can I take your picture?
If I'm in suit, totally. If not, please ask. I don't really like my actual face posted anywhere, so I'm a little more picky about that.

May I kidnap you to my room?
Kidnap is a strong word... you make me nervous.

Attending any events?
I have NO idea what I'll be attending to be honest. I'm not much of a panel person, but I really love dances and stuff!

Hosting any events?
Absolutely! Hosting a Fursonalities photoshoot at 7pm on Friday night. Meeting in the headless lounge =)

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Make some money, have a good time, make some new friends, and hang out with some old friends! I haven't really done much fursuiting in a while due to health issues, but I'm hoping to get in a whole bunch of suiting if i can!!

Ok, now that this extremely detailed meme is filled out (sorry, I get carried away) WHO WILL I SEE AT THE CON????

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    followed on over from FA. Keep up the wonderful work :)

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      Thank you for following here! I'll probably end up leaving FA before the end of the year at this rate. Weasyl seems to know how to run their website like intelligent individuals, I'm thankful for that!

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        Aye. I agree and look forward to seeing more of your work :D

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    Had to follow you over here just in case FA stays down or something silly. :3 love your style of suits! :D gonna have to bug you for a quote when I have a little more saved up!

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    Awesome fursuits! Have a +follow! :>

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    Your icon makes me lol!

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    stares at my wallets ):

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    Mwhaha I found you, Ms. Sheva fursona! :P *stalks*