Morpho by The Pink Rose Of Texas


The Pink Rose Of Texas

31 May 2020 at 15:54:59 MDT

My entry in a contest posted by MorphoMist22 of DeviantArt...The description he gave me went like this:

"Morpho is feline-shaped overall, standing upright, with a slender body and robust frame. Split grey goat-like horns adorn her head along with black antennae. her head is mostly deep blue, her ears are pointed and set to the side. The insides of her ears are purple, yet the tufts of fur there are faded violet. Morpho does have whiskers, as well as small round purple eyebrows. a dark purple mane cascades down her shoulders, in the back stopping to flow down the front. Her eyes are bright green and intelligent. The fur around her mouth turns the same purple as her mane. The fur on her body is a lighter violet-like hue, while just past her elbows, that color melts into white. Her paw pads are rough and dark grey like her horns, and she has four puffy fingers, including the thumb on each paw. She has retractable dark grey or black claws. On her hind paws she has three digits, plus the dew claws. On her stomach are two light yellow stripes, and at her ankles and wrists, there are tufts of fur that are slightly darker than the surrounding area. Morpho's legs are digitigrade. Moving down, her tail is cyan, medium-length, somewhat prehensile, and vaguely reptilian, with the tip having a vary soft and fluffy plume which is sky blue. Her wings resembe those of a blue morpho butterfly's, with the front being brown with lighter markings, and the back being bright royal azure blue fading into a black speckled with white. She has an extra wing tier on the front, which is light blue with three black lines. Her wings are held off her body with dragon-like armature, which are dark purple with blue stripes. Coming out from under her third wing segments are three yellow filaments that end in thicker bulbs."

Hope I got the character right!

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