Love Across the Universe by The Pink Rose Of Texas

Love Across the Universe

The Pink Rose Of Texas

6 February 2020 at 21:45:25 MST

Ever since Shinichi met the Wonder Three that fateful night in the forest, the four of them have been working together to protect the good citizens of Earth while fighting the evil ones. After all, that was the Wonder Three's mission: starting out as observers of Earth and ending up its heroes. Shinichi and Captain Bokko developed a special fondness for each other because of the Earth boy's bravery and compassion, especially toward animals. He became more fond of the alien captain after seeing her true form, commenting that she was very pretty. And yes, even aliens can blush.)
So I decided to make this Valentine-ish fan art to recreate that cosmic connection between the two of them. And yes, I'm sure they miss each other ever since the W3's mission was over...and yes, Earth was saved because of the kindness of people like Shinichi.
Hope you like it, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Made with traditional materials and modified with DeviantArt's "Muro" feature.
Characters made by Osamu Tezuka.

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