Merry Christmas Deerling by The Pink Rose Of Texas

Merry Christmas Deerling

The Pink Rose Of Texas

9 December 2018 at 14:02:37 MST

I was thumbing through the linearts on this site when I came across this adorable one by moatsquirrel:
...and I thought it'd be a perfect contribution to DeviantArt's "Holiday Card Project";
Hope the artist doesn't mind, and I also hope you like it!

And for those who don't know this Pokémon(like me), here the info about it:
Name: Deerling
Pokémon #585
Type: Normal/Grass
Height: 2'
Weight: 43 pounds
Abilities: Chlorophyll, Sap Sipper
This Pokémon had the tendency to change color according to the seasons - pink for Spring, green for Summer, orange for Autumn, and brown for Winter - and can also be slightly affected by changes in temperature and humidity as well. The turning of the seasons mot only changes its color, but its scent as well. People use it to mark the seasons.

The coloring and background was done by me.
The character belongs to Nintendo.
Happy Holidays!

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