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Dark Sun by The Pink Rose Of Texas

Dark Sun

The Pink Rose Of Texas

3 October 2018 at 16:28:22 MDT

Drawn as per a request from a member of DeviantArt...It's her girlfriend's 2005 Pontiac Sunfire.
Personally, my family and I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those cars. Pontiacs and other General Motors cars always gave us trouble, mechanical-wise. We always had better luck with Fords.
Still, I hope you like it!

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    That was the same with my dad's old car he had a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant that had the same issues as well and he had that car all my life too ever since Late 2002 until 2011. My mom actually has a Toyota and my dad has a Ford focus that's a 2 Door and a stick shift

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      Btw that looks really nice btw

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      Your dad's Ford Focus reminds me of my late dad's 1971 Ford Pinto. It was a 2-door sedan with a stick shift. He always preferred stick shifts because he thought real hot rods should have them. The only thing he didn't like about that car was the color. It was yellow, and he preferred blue. Unfortunately, it was the only one on the lot with a stick shift.

      And thanks a lot for the compliment.

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    the wheels remind me of the banshee wheels from gta 3