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A New Contemporary Resurrection 01 by The People's Billy Mays

A New Contemporary Resurrection 01

The People's Billy Mays

Ok. bit of a lengthy description, so here goes:

I've conceived of a new story (no shit). It'll be different in that it'll be a chapter story, versus one short story, to be able to explore/tell in depth all the stories of this story. In line with the fact that I'm an irregular poster, this may be the only thing I may upload off-consistently, maybe at least once a month, maybe not, depending on my inspiration. Quality, not quantity - I can't bring myself to post stuff I don't enjoy doing, and trust me, you won't either. you SERIOUSLY will not, trust me. Rest assured that I will upload as often as I can, and complete chapters as soon as I can, the aforementioned inspiration withstanding.

This story was inspired by my fantasies of being in an idyllic small town, and also of being by the sea. How I love the sea, mixed in with me challenging myself to write a story with a Douglas DC-7 in it, led to this.

Anyways, so enjoy the story chapter, and subsequent chapters of this whole story


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