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Trashy Colored Sketch: Joshua Redesign by TheOtherEliArts2001

Trashy Colored Sketch: Joshua Redesign


11 June 2018 at 01:23:28 MDT

I'm back after having been gone for a month... and I have made... this...


Yeah, I'm sorry. I don't like it.

Honestly, this whole thing was a failure. I wasted time by working on this. The initial sketch took over a month and the digital result only made it worse. I just hope I can improve a heck of a lot more from this.

This was designed to be visually similar to the Canid Beastman image I uploaded back in January. This is actually the first project I made that was digitally redrawn entirely using a tablet. So yay for me I on that part. I just know that there are a lot of things wrong with this. But right now I have gotten so sick of working on it that I just didn't care anymore. I even gave up on adding shading to his clothes. I'll say this project is the worst I have worked on so far. All that time wasted for an image of a single character... how ridiculous of me.

Art done by TheOtherEliArts2001.

The character is also owned by me.

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    Oh my god! It's especially horrendous to even look at the thumbnail!
    Darn! I'm just so ashamed.

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    I like it!~ Also what's on his necklace?

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      He is wearing dog-tags. Its not actually glowing, but it's very shiny and light gets reflected off it easy. I originally thought of putting something on it, but I got kinda lazy.