Rules and Guidelines

  • I can write about OCs
  • I can do one-shots, or stories with several chapters
  • I prefer having something to go on rather than have everything left to me, knowing how you want it to work out is important.
  • I can write mature content, that includes NSFW. I will not do bimbo writings.
  • Payment is first upon completion of commission, I will notify you of status and when it is complete, then payment will be done and story sent.
  • All stories that are commissioned will be emailed to commissioner.-All commissions are final.-If editing of commission is request will cost extra, $30 (depending how much editing)-PayPal, I don't take points for commissions.

Story commissions take time, keep that in mind!

Photo Commissions

$25-$75 depending on what you pay for.

Story commissions

Writing stories or short stories all depend on how much information and details you provide me with. Plus if you are uncertain how long you want it, you would give me free range as I will write till I feel fit that it's perfect and set in stone. I can be talked to about prices but you much be clear on the fact writing takes a while and all depends on what details (information, images and such) you hand to me to work with.

-Talk to me first, if you don't know how long: I will do free range writing amount.
-If you have a length, talk to me about prices and I'll figure out what it would be depending on the subject matter.

1-5 pages $20+
6-10 pages $40-$60+
11+ - $90-$100+

Editing finishing story that has been paid for: +$5-$20+ depending on how much changing needs to be done.

I will accept PayPal.

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on 6 September 2015 at 23:49:41 MDT

Since I haven't been on a while, I'm posting a journal about my commissions.

You can check out my deviantART journal for details and photos, plus examples.

I'm still a member of the Bottomless Pit Studios and I need money. PayPal only.

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