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Shrine of the Heretic Fox by TheNogitsune

Shrine of the Heretic Fox


This accursed shrine? Would you dare pray upon such a blasphemous alter? To kneel, sit, stand before this idolized heretic? A shrine were the men and women who take upon the order are shunned forever by their families? Who are order to do odd rituals and bizarre rite? Where lust is seen as pure, and to be chaste is only a punishment? To step beyond the Torii and along the path means you wish to give credence from a calamity that has caused this small portion of this world turmoil and grief. The reason why the snakes of branching heads have taken hold of a shogun's land? Why tengu have relocated to force monster from the mountains onto farm lands? Do you simply just want to see this beast of misery who swallowed its very self? A fox who even forced a village of kappa to build a home for him to leave them alone? Do you want to know the hypocrisy fox who protects the very village he had sent to hell and back for building around his den?

...Well. Take the first step and enter.

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