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Merlin's Magical Anti-Theft Potion by The-Nocturnal-Rodent (critique requested)

Merlin's Magical Anti-Theft Potion (critique requested)


This picture took me almost TWO FULL DAYS to complete! No joke, this took a LOT of work!

So this whole thing arose from an RP I did with Lycanthropy10 from FA on Sly Cooper's medieval England ancestor, Sir Galleth. In this RP where Galleth is still having to work as a lowly jester for the circus, Merlin stopped by to promote his new anti-theft potion but needed a guinea pi-I mean assistant. Sadly Galleth was forced into this position with no say on his part.

Well it turns out this blue potion was making Galleth swell up into a big, sloshy balloon! For this anti-theft method was to make the thief so big that they'd be immobile, thus rending them unable to harm the people. And as an added bonus it humiliates them greatly! Poor Galleth though, he doesn't take a liking to being put up on display and being laughed at while swelling into a giant fruit.

Oh well it's not like he can do much about it now! He is a coonberry for now all to laugh at and enjoy!

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    I'm usually not at all a fan of inflation, but I can dig this! C:

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      Ah really? Well I'm glad that even someone who doesn't like inflation liked this! :)

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    Well it's not the worse thing that could happen to a Cooper