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All My Main OCs are Now Bi by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

All My Main OCs are Now Bi


Haven't made anything at all for pride month, nor have I ever done anything so this is the first time. And luckily it's not too late! :)

So no big deal or surprise, I'm bi, I came out to some of my friends maybe...a year ago? maybe even not that long ago. And originally I was gonna keep my OCs straight but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted my OCs to be the same sexuality as me so I did and this is me officially stating that!

And if you wonder at all - personally myself I tend to lean more towards woman than men. As for my OCs
Rattos - generally prefers women
Winslow - generally prefers women
Jay - pretty squarely in the middle
Malato - pretty in the middle but prefers men more


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      interesting because you still think "why bi and why not gay?"

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          Because I'm bisexual and I can make my characters whatever sexuality I want to. I don't think you get that our previous exchange on DA felt kinda biphobic a little bit. Seems like you're just judging me for my sexuality.