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Jolly Ol' St. Vakarian by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Jolly Ol' St. Vakarian


Never made a Christmas pic before so good time as any to start! I had this Garrus pic in the works and didn't know what to do with it but :iocnSwatthefox: and I had a discussion of Officer Garrus being made to be a mall Santa and it seemed like the perfect time to do the pic. Plus it allowed me to work with reds more.

So since Garrus has been putting on some weight, he's the perfect candidate to be N7's volunteer for being a mall Santa. Granted, a few days before even doing this Garrus had no clue what Santa Claus was, or even what Christmas was. He's still not exactly keen on the idea of Santa either - some strange old man breaks into people's houses? That's a little sketchy. But if it makes kids happy then e supposes that it's fine.

Of course with a belly that big, it kinda makes it hard to have anyone sit on his lap. XD

Merry Christmas by the way to anyone that celebrates it. Also Chag Urim Sameach if I have any Jewish followers :)

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    Dude, Garrus, you helped save the freaking galaxy. You've earned the right to put on some weight. Hell, with tech the way it is, they've probably figured out how to counter obesity so it isn't so harmful anymore. And don't mind the lack of lap, just put 'em on your tummy!

    Nicely done for your first Christmas pic ^^ Thanks for doing this, even if it's not a part of your religion :) (Then again, Christmas is mostly secular these days, anyway, so no big deal, methinks X3; )

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      Hey Shepard wasn't ever saying that putting on weight was bad overall, but that it needed to be made aware XD. After all it is a little weird to put the kids on the stomach but it's honestly just as fine as long as he doesn't get any kids that are squirming or crying (because it seems that's a thing that happens a lot with mall Santas?)

      Thanks for what? I did this mainly for myself, not for any sort of promotion. It wasn't a big deal to do it since that Christmas seems to have really not a big religious tie to it. I wouldn't feel as comfortable now-in-days doing something like this for Hanukkah anyways.